Lolita Blog Carnival: Romantic Coordinate Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day, lords and ladies!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival theme - Romantic Coordinate Ideas -  is very suitable for today, of course. Since I don't own any heart printed lolita dresses, my romantic hues in these coordinates are more subtle. And since the weather here in Helsinki is not inspiring - not at all inspiring - my coordinates have more Spring/Summer feeling to them. Seriously, right now it's just cold, wet, dark and depressing outside. It's not even cold enough for the world to look pretty...  Well, anyway, here we go!

Outfit # 1

This is my only dress with a romantic print, so I think it might suit today's theme the best! It's also one of my personal favourite coordinations in this post.

The coordinate includes these L'amour earrings. 

The print itself has letters that say "I love you" and "my darling" in multiple languages. Sadly, not in Finnish! I always hoped this dress would also have "minä rakastan sinua" written on it. But then again, they propably wouldn't have spelled it correctly anyway.

{Dress, headbow, bolero, bag - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, shoes - Minna Parikka, earrings - can't remember, sorry!}

Outfit # 2

 So, red is obviously a romantic colour, but I also threw some heart motives in for good measure.

{Dress, bolero - Angelic Pretty, blouse - H&M, heart headdress - selfmade, shoes - Ellos}

Outfit # 3

Well, this coordinate is romantic just in a countryside-inspired/super girly kind of way. But if it were warmer outside, I'd definitely wear this one for a date with my boyfriend!

{Dress - Angelic Pretty, hat - self customised, shoes - Minna Parikka, purse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright}

Outfit # 4

Because all the other coordinations I came up with were so pastel coloured, I also wanted to try and make an outfit, that had a little bit of dark romance in it.  So I treated this black, wonderfully detailed OP as a little black dress and accessorised it with all things sparkly: sequins, pearls and patent leather. And yep, the purse is heart shaped also!

{Dress - Innocent World, jewelry - second hand, souvenir from Vilnius & Accessorize, purse - H&M, headbow - second hand, shoes - Stylesnob}

So, that was it. Which one of these is your favourite? Would you wear any of these for a date? Or do you simply dislike them all? Feel free to tell in the comments! 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! I already know I will have. ♥

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