Layers and Layers of Lace

Today I met with Kata, Sanni and Ninni to have some tea and too much cake.

This time I wanted to try a littlebit different look, taking inspiration from otome and layering more than usually. I really like how it worked out!

Here's the outfit with my coat and scarf on, even more layers! Lately I have been working my "regular" coats into lolita for more casual look, and I can tell I really felt comfy in this outfit. I think people were staring me a lot less than usually. (The dress is from Innocent World, shoes are vintage and jewellery gifts from my friends.)

In the end, have an obligatory food picture. Cakes and black citron tea. Now I won't be going for Kakkugalleria's cake buffet for another year... it's an annual thing, once in a year is enough and after that I don't even want to see cakes for two weeks. :D

All in all I think we had really great time, it was so nice to get to know Ninni a little better! She doesn't live in Helsinki so we don't see that much in real life. :3

8 kommenttia:

  1. Layers <3
    The pieces of cake are so cute! And look yummy!

  2. That look is wonderful, it utterly changes the sweet dress!
    By the way, I'm a big fan of your coat ^^

  3. So beautiful! And the cakes look so yummy! <3

  4. i just spent a very long time looking through your blog. you are a beautiful girl and you look so elegant in lolita all the time!! x