Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice - And Ice...

Today I met with Sanni and Kata for some... candy and macaron shopping, it wasn't planned but that's what happened. XD

I wore pink after a long pause! Instead of basics (screw those) I go back to pink. I counted all the pom poms in this outfit: there are nine of them. That's whole lotta poms. (Dress & purse Angelic Pretty, shoes Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse vintage.)

I even had pink glittering eye shadow.

Here's a picture with Kata. Besides all the sugar shopping we also did a little photoshoot. Sanni was the photographer, or course, and she requested we wear something that makes us match together. So older AP dresses with similar prints it was.

Comparing the prints.

And here's our frighteningly massive sugar haul! A dentist's nigtmare! My best find was a tar flavoured lollipop (and I'm definitely going back to Sweetheart candy shop for more of those!). Tar flavour, like salmiac and liqorice, are Finnish things - many Finns love tar, but usually foreigners can't even understand how you can eat something tar flavoured. But I'm telling you, it's yummy! So if you ever visit Finland from abroad, I really recommend you try tar or salmiac - just for the experience, if nothing else. ;)

In the end, have a teaser. More coming soon...

P.S. Helsinki got its first snow today. I don't know how I exactly feel about it. I love white Christmas, but I hate cold... never too easy, this life.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Your outfits are just wonderful! I especially like the shoes! :D And even your hair styles match X3
    Oh my, I tried salmiakki a year ago when we had Finnish exchange students at my university, they gave me a fair warning before I tried, thank got XD it was.... weird ^^ to say the least. Too salty for my taste! And very special and unusual!
    I'll stick to eating chocolate cookies for now, haha XD

    1. Thank you very much! Nice to hear you were brave enough to try salmiakki! I really like some types of salmiakki. I guess you have to grow up with it to get used to the taste! But if you still have braveness left, do try a tar flavored candy or ice cream sometime! Tar is very sweet, not salty like salmiakki. x)

  2. You both look stunning! I love everything about your looks!! I can't wait to see more photos! <3

    1. Thank you! I'm also waiting to see how the photoshoot turns out. I haven't seen anymore pictures of it besides that teaser either! :)

  3. Your look is so pretty, I just love your perfect curls <3