La Cortile des Lapins II

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  1. tosi kaunis piirros ^^ihanat värit ♥

  2. monster: Kiitos! :)

    Nukke: Kiitos sinullekin. Tämä on tosin vesivärimaalaus, ei piirros. :D

  3. Oh, my God! You are soo talanted. I wanna draw like you. ~*-*~
    I love this blog, I can't just understand it... Unfortunately...

  4. Sugjokuchi: Thank you very much! Actually these two pictures are paintings made with watercolors, not drawings. :D

    I'm so glad to hear you like my blog, and I'm very sorry you can't understand it. I have sometimes thought that maybe I should start writing in English, but as most of my readers are Finnish I've decided to stick with Finnish writing. But at least there are many pictures for you to see, right? ^^