The Traditional Tea and Macarons Date

Today I went to the Ounce teashop with my boyfriend. Macarons and tea at the Ounce seems to be coming a sort of traditional date for us. We both love macarons and tea, and Ounce simply is the best place to have tea in Helsinki. Pistacchio macarons are so delicious, by the way (the green one pictured)!

My outfit for the day was Innocent Worl's lavender dress with Innocent World headbow, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright purse, Angelic Pretty Bolero and Minna Parikka shoes.

And with the bolero on.

I also wore this adorable cupcake necklace by Essin maailma.

A proof that my anckle socks actually were pink, not white. Lately I've liked this kind of short, lacey socks very much. From this pic you can also see a little bit of my rose patterned, nude colored lace stockings.

We bought some more tea to bring home: pear flavored green tea from Chaya teashop, and St Petersburg Heaven and Irish Whiskey from the Ounce. I also purchased that straw hat for myself, I'm going to customize it to fit my taste better, just wait and see!

6 kommenttia:

  1. Tuo päärynätee on niin hyvää! Olet onnekas kun P:kin tykkää teestä, olisi mukavaa käydä oman sulhonikin kanssa teellä, mutta ei, kun toinen tykkää kahvista.. :S

    1. Se on ongellista! Voit onneksi aina lähteä minun seurakseni Unssiin, siitä vaan on tosin sitten romantiikka aika kaukana. :'D

  2. Söpö asu:) Itelläni on muuten melkein samanlainen kaulakoru Essin maailmasta, mutta cupcaken sijasta ketjussa riippuu jätski:)

  3. Your outfit from here is just so pretty! Simple but so elegant at the same time. I love your shoes with the ribbons, I wish I could find cute shoes here!