Made In Helsinki 1700-2012

Hello, lords and ladies! It's been quiet here for the last few weeks, my apologies - I've been quite busy with my new school, so I don't have that much time to wear loli.

Yesterday I met with Mimi and Tiia. We went to the Hakasalmi Villa to see the exhibition called "Made in Helsinki 1700-2012", which is a World Design Capital event. It was about design objects, both old and modern. It was really nice, I recommend you go and see it - and P.S., the entry is free of charge. ;)

Here's a picture of the Hakasalmi Villa. As you can see, it's very pretty.

There was a whole show room filled with different kind of laces, belts, buttons etc. They were so beautiful. *-*

There were also some old clothes. The white dress in the front was my favorite piece!

There was also a shelf dedicated to my favorite designer, Minna Parikka

And they had also built a little runway there! Besides these there were also lots of antique furniture, dishes and so on, but I didn't take any pictures of those. But really, this was a very enjoyable show, so once again, I truly recommend that you go and experience it yourself!

Here is an outfit shot. By the way, a little while ago I went to a hairdresser, and told her to "cut quite a lot". What I meant was 10 cm, what she cut was 20 cm... so now my hair feels so strangely short! It's weird... I just hope it will grow back soon. It is quite tragical. From this picture you can really see how much shorter my hair is. x_x

Detail shot of the print.

Outfit details:
Dress - Victorian Maiden
Underdress - Monki
Shoes - Wonders

And in the end, have a creepy mirror shot of our group! From left to right Tiia, me, and Mimi. After the museum visit we also had some tea at Tiia's. All in all, it was a really good day. :)

P.S. Look at the picture above - do you see anything new? Because that's my new camera right there! It's so, so, SO much better than my old crappy one! I'm very excited about it! Now if I only learned how to use it... x)

8 kommenttia:

  1. Your hair looks great, don't worry about the length. If it was cut to your chin, then it would have been a huge shock!

    1. Thank you! But I can't help feeling sad about the lost hair - before the disastrous hairdresser my hair was waist length. :(

  2. Ihana näyttely, katsotaan jos sitä itsekin ehtisi vielä käymään, näyttää kovin mun laisilta jutuilta, kun tykkään historiasta, käsitöistä ja asuista! :)

    Aivan ihana mekko! ♥

    En ole koskaan ollut kampaajalla ja pelkäänkin, että kun sanoo "tasoita 2cm" ne ottaa 20cm. Ei kyllä näytä pahalta tuo tukan pituus, kyllä se siitä kesää kohden taas kasvaa. :)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Näyttely oli todella mahtava, suosittelen tosiaankin, että kannattaa käydä katsomassa! Muistaakseni se on siellä vielä syyskuuhun asti (en ole varma, kannattaa tarkistaa Hakasalmen huvilan sivuilta), joten aikaa on reilusti. :)


      Juu, oli viimeinen kerta, kun en anna tarkkoja ohjeita kampaajalle. Viimeksi kun sanoin aivan samoin, että ota ihan reilusti kuolleita latvoja pois, lähti juuri sopivasti eli se 10 cm... ja tämänkertainen sitten tosiaan kyni minulta 20 cm. Eli opinpa kantapään kautta, että pitää sanoa selkeästi, montako senttiä haluaa menettää. :(

  3. You look so beautiful! And the exhibition looks amazing, I would love to see it but it's so far away from my country! ;w;

    And I just love your hair, I think it still looks amazing <3

    1. Thank you! Too bad you can't see the exhibition, but at least you have seen some pictures. :3

      Thanks again! Little by little I'm starting to get used to this new haircut of mine. Maybe it's not that bad after all. :D

  4. You look perfect in classical lolita!