Five O'Clock Tea & Another Outfit From Yesterday

Good evening, lords and ladies!

It's been a little while since my last post. My camera is now completely broken, so you'll have to do with phone quality until I get a new one. Me and fiancé booked a trip to Rome for May, and I am so going to get a new camera before that! So I don't think you'll have to endure the phone pictures too long. :D

Well, today I hosted a five o'clock tea party at our place. I really like this picture with my darling bunny, taken by Sanni. ♥

As it was a tea party inspired by the British afternoon tea culture, I decided to take inspiration to my outfit from there also. My main source of inspiration was the tea gowns of the past, particularly this one - it is so ugly that it goes beoynd ugliness and emerges on the other side as beautiful again, in a crazy sort of way. I borrowed the soft colour palette of that gown, as well as the ruffly collar. Though my collar is pale in comparison, at least it is rufflier than usually.

{Dress - Victorian Maiden / purse - Accessorize / shoes - bought from London / jewelry - Kalevala jewelry / the rest - second hand}

Here's everyone!

Of course we had a huge tower of food. 

And here's my outfit from yesterday when me and fiancé went for tea shopping and tea sipping at The Ounce.

{Dress - Jane Marple / Blouse - Seppälä / headbow - Innocent World / jewelry - Kalevala jewelry / boots - second hand}

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