The Greatest Source of Inspiration

What inspires me most right now is the nature, and especially flowers. The lilacs are in full bloom, among with many other flowers and plants. Rose has long been my favorite flower, but lately I've been really drawn to the smaller and more delicate flowers, especially wild ones.

It all started with this adorable little bouquet that my Mom had left for us when we came home from Rome. I was so happy to be home anyway, and it was even nicer when this was waiting for us. This bouquet helped me realise how lovely a simple jar with some small flowers can look, and so I kept the jar...

...and occasionally filled it with flowers...

 ...and since devil is in the details, I also added some white lace to uppgrade this cute jar into even more cute.

Finland really is at its best during summer. Everything is so fresh and green. This picture is from a walk with my Mom and Chico. Chico is clearly smiling. ♥ The road originates from the World War I era and was used to move cannons. This forest was an important air defence base during Finland's wars. It also happens to be one of my dearest places in Helsinki, so I take a walk there quite often.

Last weekend I went for a long, peaceful evening walk with my fiancé. We found a cliff full of wild violets. It is a magical place that I will definitely visit again.

We also took some flowers home. Lupines are considered to be weeds, but I think they look just lovely and make a wonderful bouquet, too. We found three different shades of lupines and I picked a couple of flowers in each shade.

I'm also enjoying the occasional blue skies! This is a rare sight in Finland during the long winter months (and sometimes in summer, too), so it's really refreshing. I just love Helsinki in summer, the city seems to come more alive.

What inspires you at the moment, my dear readers? Please share it in the comments!

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  1. I also enjoy lilacs very much <3 I think they are the flowers that smell the best. I am sad to see them go... until next year... :( (Tuomen kukat tuoksuu kanssa tosi ihanalta, en osaa päättää.)

    I also think Finland is at its best during summer time.
    (hrrr winter shoo go away) The weather has been quite good for wearing lolita but I kind of hope for more warmer days before all of summer is gone..

    I'm inspired by music (mainly piano and electronic) and the nightless nights with singing birds...let alone the scent of air! :)

    1. I'm hoping for warmer weather, too. It doesn't really feel like proper summer unless one can leave stockings home, which sadly isn't possible yet.

      I also enjoy the scent in the air - I think there is an individual scent to each season! I love the scent of autumn, and summer's is lovely, too. I also like the scent of rain. *-*

  2. How lovely and romantic! It shows that the simple pleasures in life - such as flowers - are beautiful enough to make people happy. :) Those lupines are my favourites. Plus, Chico is absolutely adorable! What type of dog is he or she?
    Right now I'm really inspired by 1920s men's wear, as I love the dandy fashions in the book and TV series "Jeeves and Wooster". Whilst I may not be able to pull off gorgeous suits myself, I love drawing them! Also, I'm really into Art Deco style too. :D

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! Chico is a Finnish Lapphund and he's a male, turning six this year. <3

      I adore 20's styles and the Art Deco style, too, though I'm mainly inspired by the women's fashions. I find the early 20's look the best from that decade, although the flapper style is gorgeous as well! Can I see your drawings somewhere online? :)

    2. That's okay - I really enjoy reading your blog! :)
      Aw, he really is gorgeous! I've got two cocker spaniels, myself, though I'm thinking about getting another breed of dog sometime soon. Perhaps a shih tzu, though I'm quite tempted by Finnish Lapphunds through the pictures on your blog!

      I love the flapper look too, but my favourite style of 20s dress is the Robe de Style. Sure, I've got a DeviantART account but it hasn't been updated in an age, so there aren't much of my current inspirations there at the moment. I do like drawing Lolitas a lot though. :) http://elliemorris.deviantart.com/gallery/

    3. That's so nice to hear! ^^

      Finnish Lapphunds are really lovely! Though the males can be a little bit stubborn, so if you want to go easier, pick a female. ;)

      Also, there are two lines of Finnish Lapphund, the "show" line and the "herder/working" line, and Chico is of the latter. Both lines are very healthy and look similar, but the "show" line is a little bit more regulated and therefore more homogenous, and the "herder" line is more loosely regulated and the dogs can look more varied, and still be perfectly okay by the breed definition. The "herder" Lapphunds originate from famous Lapphund families that herded the reindeer.

      The "show" line Lapphunds tend to do better in dog shows, as the judges find them more beautiful (I of course think that all Lapphunds are equally beautiful and disagree with the judges). But this is something you might want to consider when choosing a Lapphund, if you want to go to the dog shows, then pick the right pup for that.

      It's really hard to find any info on these two lines in English, but here's something: http://paimensukuinen.fi/wpress/in-english/ and if you want to know more, I'll happily help if I can.

      Thanks! I'll check your DeviantArt out. ^^

    4. Thank you for all the information! It's given me a lot of thought about this breed. :)
      I probably would get a female as my spaniel, Indy, is a boy and apparently there would be some rivalry between two males. (my other spaniel, Cleo, lives very close to us at my grandparent's house, so we take joint care of her) I don't do dog shows (thank goodness - I'd be awful in that kind of situation, not to mention embarrass the poor dog! haha), so it doesn't really matter to me what line I get, though that is rather unfair for the judges to prefer the show line.
      Out of interest, do you do dog shows?

      I'll probably have to read up on how much Finnish Lapphunds cost where I live, as well as how far away a breeder is, but apart from that I think I'd be happy with one of these dogs. Thanks for your help! :)

  3. I can imagine summer must be amazing all over Scandinavia, especially as you get so little sun and warmth for most of the year


    1. It's really lovely! If you want to visit Helsinki, it's at its best from May to June and then August to October. July is really nice, too, but it is the holiday month of Finland so it might be quieter in Helsinki than usual, when many flee to their summer cottages. Lappland, on the other hand, is really magical during Winter and I've always wanted to go there in autumn as well. ^^

  4. Nature is always a great inspiration, for me too. I'm glad I live somewhere sunny near the ocean - looking at the sky and blue water is really inspiring for me :-)

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Oh, you are so lucky indeed! I love blue skies and waters, so rare in Finland. *-*