30 Days Lolita Meme - Days 2 & 3

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

1. The historical influences lolita has. Oh, my darling Rococo! ♥
2. The complete femininity of it all – bows, frills, ruffles, laces.
3. The ever so difficult combination of cuteness and elegance.
4. The rules! How cool, if you just remember to follow certain rules…
5. … you can also break them! It’s so nice to find your own, personal style in lolita.
6. The wonderful people – my friends! – who I would never have met if there wasn’t lolita.
7. Lolita is a perfect reason and excuse to have photoshoots – yay!
8. Lolita is a perfect reason and excuse to just get all dolled up – doing the makeup, curling hair, wearing special clothes – for no other reason than “it’s fun, and I felt like doing so!”
9. I also love the complexity of it all. Is it just clothes? Is it even more? Do we ever find it out?! (Well, to me, it has always been even more.)
10. Finally and most importantly, I love how beautiful I feel when wearing lolita.

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

1. Big, glompy shoes! I just… don’t… like them. In my opinion, they can ruin outfits that would be so perfect without them.
2. How hot it is to wear petticoats in the summer! Yet, I can’t go lolita without petticoats, because I just can’t! No blouse – ok! No socks – well, why not! No petticoat – impossible!
3. The hate communities. I just can’t understand them! So ok, you didn’t like somebody’s outfit – that’s fine, but why can’t you just let it be? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
4. The custom fees. So, I’ve paid a lot for my lovely dress – I’ve also paid quite a lot for insured shipping of said lovely dress – so why do you have to take away the little money I still have left? WHY?!
5. How hard it is to find white, perfect lolita boots for winter. Will I ever get them?
6. The name of this style, is it really necessary that we call it lolita? Why couldn’t the Japanese people Google “Lolita” before naming the style lolita? It’s so embarrassing, when asked by total strangers, try to explain the difference between lolita and Nabokov’s Lolita (“No, will you believe me, they do not have anything in common!”).
7. The staring. I’ve never dressed lolita in order to get attention from strangers. Yes, it’s quite nice if someone compliments you – but it totally isn’t nice to be laughed at or pointed at.
8. The petticoats. I love them, but I also have to be careful not to knock things off the shelves in shops, and not to get my dress stuck anywhere so it would get ripped, and don’t even let me get started on how difficult it is to use public, cramped toilets when wearing lolita…
9. Too big lolita meet ups. It gets so complicated! I really enjoy little meetings with just 10 participants, or even less.
10. The jealousy. No need for it! If I have more dresses than you, so what? If you have more dresses than I do, again, so what? It’s not like the world will end in my closet, or yours either.

2 kommenttia:

  1. "3. The hate communities. I just can’t understand them! So ok, you didn’t like somebody’s outfit – that’s fine, but why can’t you just let it be? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all."

    Olen kanssasi oikeasti niiiin samaa mieltä. Mikä tekee ihmisistä niin kylmiä ja ilkeitä? En ole koskaan ymmärtänyt että mielihyvää saisi toisten dissaamisesta tai anonyyminä haukkumisesta.

    Samaan kastiin menevät nämä blogeihin kirjoittelevat anonyymit, joita itsellänikin jossain vaiheessa ilmeni. Kommentoitiin, että ompas rumia vaatteita ja rumaa naamaa ym. En ymmärrä miksi pitää anonyyminä tulla sanomaan ilkeään sävyyn ikäviä asioita.

  2. Riisikakku: En tosiaan tiedä; kai muiden haukkuminen on joillekin tapa kohottaa omaa itsetuntoa. Se on hyvin surullista, jos ei pysty tuntemaan oloaan hyväksi ilman, että joku muu kärsii takiasi.

    Itse olen ollut niin onnekas, ettei blogissani ole kukaan sanonut mitään kovin ilkeää - tosin nyt en ole edes ihan varma, onko minulla anonyymi-kommentit edes sallittuna. Jos ne pitäisi erikseen sallia niin eipä taida olla. XD

    Ehkä sinunkin kannattaisi poistaa anonyymin kommentoinnin ominaisuus, jos siitä on ongelmia? :(