Essin Maailma Giweaway!

Hello, lovely ladies! The wonderful and talented cake… wait, jewelry maker Essi from Essin maailma was so kind to sponsor this giveaway on my blog! Today is the International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this than a giveaway with these girly & cute Vohveli sankari (Waffle Hero) earrings? Be sure to check out Essi’s website for more sugary cute jewelry.

How to enter this giveaway:

♥ You must be a public reader of New Vogue Children.
♥ Post Essin maailma’s website link to your blog, Twitter, Livejournal, Facebook etc.
♥ Leave a comment with a link to your post as a proof. Remember to leave your e-mail address too!
♥ To earn an extra point, also link this giveaway to your blog and post that link to your comment also.
♥ You can get maximum of two points, and each point means one vote for you. I will choose the winner at random.
♥ The giveaway will close after a week, on Thursday 15th March.
♥ Good luck!

6 kommenttia:

  1. wonderlandtenshi@gmail.com

    And also, happy Women’s Day ♥

  2. Hello!
    How are you?

    My mail is: ryoosa@hotmail.com

    This is the link to the giveaway on my blog and my facebook Message:


    You take care a lot and I love your blog!
    Lucre ^ ^

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos! Ne ovat arvonnassa palkintona. Arvontaan voi osallistua postaamalla blogiinsa/FB-seinälleen/Twitteriin tms. linkin Essin maailman sivuille, lisäpisteen arvontaan saa jos postaa johonkin myös linkin tästä arvontapostauksesta. Osallistuaksesi arvontaan jätä meiliosoitteesi ja linkki tuohon postaukseesi kommentteihin. :)

  4. http://teapartymadness.livejournal.com/ osallistuin mainostamalla tätä livejournalissani. :D Siinä on linkki Essin sivuille sekä giveawayhin.

    (en viitsi jättää mun sähköpostiosotetta julkisesti tähän, tiiät miten saat yhteyttä muhun in case voitan. :D)

  5. Thank you everyone! The giveaway is closed now, and I will soon contact the lucky winner. :)