Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday we had another teaparty together, this time at Mimi's! Mimi had made this wonderful cake:

Fresh strawberries in March? Yes please!

My outfit for the day was Baby's Tiara Brocade with the blouse I found at the fleamarket.
I really adore those lace ruffles on the collar. My hair looks quite awful because once again it was raining cats and dogs in Lahti. It always rains when I go to Lahti... :<

I also wore my new leather gloves, also from the fleamarket. I love how elegant they look, and they also go perfectly with my winter coat.

6 kommenttia:

  1. The cake looks delicious! And as always, you're really perfect, I just love your sense of lolita fashion!

  2. God your outfit is so beautiful! I can't stop looking at it<3

  3. Nätti asu, nätti olet sinäkin.Ja herkullisen näköistä kakkua.=)