Daily Donuts

Hello lords and ladies! Here's my outfit from today, just something simple and cute for a dinner and a movie with my boyfriend. Right now I'm really liking this kind of a side bun, it's easy to do and looks nice with a beret. :3

Dress is Innocent World,
purse Baby, the Stars Shine Bright,
shoes Wonders,
blouse Seppälä,
and pearls are a second hand find.

We saw "Life of Pi"  and though it's different to what I usually like to watch, it was still very touching and visually gorgeus. My two favorite scenes were this one...

... and this one. Just look at the colours. My, oh my. *-*

10 kommenttia:

  1. I really like your outfit!<3 How do you do a side bun?:3 My hair is just past my shoulders and I'm worried that it is too short to make a nice bun, what do you think?:)

    1. Thank you!

      I think you'll be able to do buns with that lenght! I recommend you buy one of those "hair donuts" (like this one http://www.skygroup.fi/verkkokauppa/tarvikkeet_ja_valineet/kampaamotarvikkeet/muut_tarvikkeet/valkit/valkki_9cm-10g_vaalea/) and start building the bun around it. That's what I do with this side bun also! The "hair donut" is the easiest and quickest way to get volume to your buns. And besides that, you just need lots of hair pins. :)

    2. Aww thank you, I will try it out!:D

  2. You look great!!! You look really elegant!

  3. Toi Piin elämä -leffa oli kyl tosi hienosti tehty!!
    Ite tykkäsin iha sikana.
    Ja sun asu on tosi nätti, like always (:


    1. Jep, se oli todella upea visuaalisesti, ja aika liikuttava muutenkin. Kannatti käydä katsomassa.