Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

So, Helsinki Lolita Convention happened yesterday. I only slept maybe two hours before the convention, and was totally dead after it, but what a great day it was! I had so much fun, I watched all the fashion shows (well, not the one I modeled in) and almost all the panels, too. And of course I met many of my friends and did some nice purchases too.

Sadly all the pictures I tried to take of fashion shows failed; I've not yet learned to use my new camera. So I'll have to wait for the official photographers' pictures to appear before I have any material to post here. :'D

But anyhow, here are my newest purchases. The first two I bought before the convention, and the rest during it.

Let's start with this adorable little octopus necklace I found from Etsy. It came with a pretty box.

Here is my newest tea set. I love the fresh colours (they make me think of Spring! *-*) and the Asian influences in design of this tea set. The pot is quite small (under 1 litre), so I only bought 4 cups and 4 plates. For bigger parties I have my Lomonosov set with 6 cups. :)

And these are my finds from Helsinki Lolita Convention.

First, this Baby, the Stars Shine Bright OP. It has some old school feeling in it, which is nice. Those who have read my blog longer know already my weakness for flower prints. One can not have too many flower prints in her closet (in my opinion, at least).

What I really fell for in this dress are the colours of the print! Shades of pink and red are very common in flower prints, but this one has shades of lilac and mossy green! It's quite rare and very elegant. To me this dress is a perfect mixture of sweet design and classical colours.

I also bought this Kraken necklace from Essin maailma. Essi had made this unique little fellow especially for me, using my sketch as a model. It's so cuuuute. ♥ I intend to wear it with lolita, though I've yet to figure out how I'm going to to that. I don't have any sea themed prints, and so this will be missmatching - but then again, the longer I wear lolita, the less I really care about matching perfectly. It gets boring.

I also bought this dress for everyday use. I love the lace details and the polkadots, and of course the colour too (dark blue is one of my favorite colours). It's cute and very comfortable to wear. The perfect dress to cheer up my long school days.

And then there is this headband. More polkadots!

And lastly, I found cute stickers! I'm going to use them to cutify my school folders a littlebit.

In the end, a bonus pic: Essin maailma's table! So many lovely colours and cute designs! Those jellyfish necklaces were so awesome I had to use all my will power not to buy one. :3

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  1. Ei vitsi tota vikaa kuvaaaaa! Saax tollasii tosiaa suomesta? Miksi miksi miksi en päässy Helloconiin......... :(

    1. Saa! HelLo Conin lisäksi Essi on ollut myymässä korujaan myös Ofelia -myyjäisissä, joita on järkätty ainakin Tampereella Helsingin lisäksi. Nou hätä, Essin koruja saa tilata myös netistä: http://essinmaailma.com/

      Ja eikun shoppailemaan. :D

  2. Awww the tea set is so lovely!<3<3

  3. Toi pilkkumekko ja mustekalakoru...*0*<3!