Lilac Roses

Good evening, lords and ladies!

It's still International Women's Day for about an hour, so happy Women's Day to all of you lovely ladies! ♥

To celebrate the IWD, my boyfriend and I went to The Ounce and I got an excuse to doll myself up.


My shoes and stockings are actually dark brown, not black... (again.)

I really like this dress, the print has more rare colours; mossy green and shades of lilac.

Couple of days ago I bought this smoky eyes set from H&M and did my makeup with these today. Last time I bought eyeshadows from H&M they were surprisingly good - well, that was years ago, and these are not so marvellous. I really love the colours, but the intensity is not good enough and they make an awful lot of mess while applying them. So, all in all, these are not for everyday use, but if one has lots of time to do one's makeup, then these are useable. :P

Bf was also so kind and bought me one tea box more as IWD gift! Now I have four of these in total. They are really pretty and you can see the tea through the box, which is nice because many teas look very beautiful.

My friend's lil' miss Pom the Papillon has been staying with us since Wednesday. We've been enjoying nice long walks together.


Outfit details
Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Roses - H&M
Purse, earrings - Accessorize
Bracelet  - self made
Shoes - Ellos

4 kommenttia:

  1. Iiihana perhoskoira! <3
    Tulee ikävä mun lapsuuden/nuoruuden aikaisia koiraystäviä. :')

    Oikein kauniina olet taas asussasi, ihana! ^__^
    Jotenkin kevään fiilistä.

    ..ja tuo on niin totta monien luomivärien kanssa, luulet niiden olevan hyvän värisiä ulkonäön perusteella, mutta pigmenttiä ei olekaan kovin paljoa. :(

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kiitoksia!

      No jaa, enpä kyllä mitään kovin suuria tuolta luomiväriltä odottanutkaan (koska H&M). :P Mutta on kyllä taso laskenut, viimeksi ostamani luomiväripaletti oli ihan hyvä hintaansa nähden, mutta se olikin vuosia sitten se.