Helsinki Lolita Convention 2014: The Fairy Forest Fashion Show

Hello, my lords and ladies!

It's been so long since Hellocon, but the videos and pictures have only been recently published, so I'll post about it now. I've been especially waiting to see our own fashion show's, The Fairy Forest's, official video, which my dear friend filmed for us. This fashion show takes place in the forest of fairytales, and the outfits are inspired by classical folk tales and Eastern Europe. I organized the show with Hanna and Anna. I know there are some things that need improvement, but all in all, I'm so proud of this show and all the models who worked so hard to make it happen. ♥

The official video:

And then the same in pictures. First, Mimi as The Evil Queen.

Kata as Snow White. 

Hanna as The Little Red Riding Hood.

Anna as The Matryoshka Doll.

Katariina as The Desperate Prince and Sari as The Ecoistic Princess.

Me as The Golden Unicorn.

Ilona as The Owl.

Susanna as The Swan Princess and victim to the cursed apple. 

In this picture, you can also see a glimpse Kati of as The Fox (the second from left), and of Satu, who was The Rescuing Knight (the first from right).

 P.S. The Eastern Europe inspiration may not be so visible in all of the outfits - of course there is no such influence in all of them, since the theme was fairytales also, but e.g. Satu is wearing black, white and gold; the colours of Romanov family crest. ;)

10 kommenttia:

  1. Tämä oli jotain niin kaunista ja upeaa! Oih! ❤
    Teitte upeaa työtä! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kiitoksia! Mukava kuulla, että tykkäsit näytöksestä. :3

  2. Such a wonderful idea for a show, very imaginative. I love the desperate prince and the matryoshka doll's outfits the most

    1. Thank you very much!

      I really like all the outfits in this show (except my own, bleh), because I started seeing the models in the show's story long before we ever even rehearsed it, and I liked the final result even more. *-*

  3. Woah, all the outfits are so amazing and artistic! <3

  4. Wow, this fashion show looked gorgeous! I'm glad you guys had good lighting for it (often times the venue isn't very accommodating if it's an anime convention).

    Is this brand or an indie brand? I'm always bad at figuring it out if it's not a popular print.

    1. Thank you very much! I myself was not entirely happy with the lights, the spots vwere not strong enough after all. This event was held in a place that also does concerts etc. so that's why we were able to make wishes for the lights used. :) It wasn't anime con, though, it was Helsinki Lolita Convention.

      The outfits contain items that are brand, off-brand, indie brand, vintage and handmade, it's a mix of all of them. E.g. Mimi did her dress and headpiece herself, Kati is wearing a dress by Finnish indie brand Cloudberry Lady, and the other brands featured are Baby, J&J, IW, VM and Atelier Pierrot.