Halloween Masquerade Party

Hello, everyone!

It's been ages since I last posted, because I forgot my camera to this very masquarade party that I'm only now posting about, and didn't get it back until yesterday. But better now than never, so here comes the belated picture spam from Halloween!

The pictures are pretty bad, because it's so darn dark here - all the time, really. There just isn't a good moment to take pictures anymore because even the so called daylight is pale, grey and washed out. :'D

But anyway, let's start with the outfit pictures. The theme for the Halloween party was masquerade, and everyone was free to interpret it as they wished. I decided to take inspiration from the masquerade balls of the Rococo era.

 {OP - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright / shoes - Minna Parikka / mask - souvenir from Venice / hair accessories - H&M, second hand, Ninja} 

Me, Lauren and Tiia matched each others outfits, as the source of inspiration was the same.

Sanni was just being gorgeous, as usual. 

Food. I arrived early to the party, so later on there was even more of it (each guest brought something yummy with them).

Here's everyone.

Okay, the proper pictures end here. From now on, it's phone quality and general sillyness. But may I just add that the party was so much fun, I can't remember when I last time laughed so much! Thank you, all you lovely ladies, for the wonderful evening. ♥

4 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana toi teidän naamariyhteiskuva! :D

  2. Waaah you all look so beautiful!
    And what a nice idea, now I also want to make a mask tea party *_*

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's the perfect party idea for Halloween, or why not for your own birthday party as well! ^^