When Something Is Really Funny

When we girls meet, it's mostly about this:

And then it's also about this:

And this:

We had another lovely teaparty today, this time at Kata's! My outfit for the day was very sugary sweet. I coordinated blue vintage blouse with my beloved Magical Etoile JSK.

I also wore my Chocomint star clip and my new star shaped Angelic Pretty purse that came to me just in time for today's teaparty. ♥

This last photo is here because Sanni recommended so. :3

Oh, now my winter holiday is almost over. This makes me a little bit sad.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Ovatko nuo kuivattuja mansikoita? Nams! :D

    -Neiti X-

  2. You looked so pretty! I love how you're wearing AP, you make it look very unique!

    I wish I could join intimate tea parties with friends too!

    1. Thank you! That's a great compliment. :) Teaparties with friends are always so lovely, I hope you can sometime do that too! ^^

    2. Olen seuraillut blogiasi jo jonkin aikaa anonyymina ja täytyy kyl sanoo, että blogisi on aivan ihana ^_^!

    3. Kiitos kovasti! Ihana kuulla. :)