The (Not So) Mad Hatters

Today we had a hat decorating meeting at Mimi's. Sanni and Mimi did decorate hats, but as I don't have any spare hats at the moment, I did something completely else - more about that later!

Let's start with the very traditional food photos. Om, nom, nom. Especially the cupcakes (made by Mimi) were delicious!

Here's my outfit for the day. I haven't worn Baby's Thumbelina dress in ages, so now I did. Shoes are vintage and everything else offbrand.

Tried a new hairstyle. Unfortunately it was a very rainy day, so my hair is a total mess. I'll try this hairstyle again some day when it's a dryer (is that a word?!) weather.

And here's what I made! A fur collar from vintage fur, with a ribbon that matches more or less with my beloved wintercoat. Next winter my throat won't be suffering any cold. :D

7 kommenttia:

  1. You are so pretty and I realy like your style.
    you coordinate the dress so well.

  2. Aww, your look is just so elegant, I am totally in love. This bag is very nice, I love its shape and color.

  3. love your outfit! looks so fabulous :D

  4. You remind me of a singer!! Her name is Joanna newsom i think? xxx