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Hello hello, lovelies!

During my blogging “career” I’ve mentioned several times the ever so lovely Essin maailma –website, but I’ve never truly dedicated a proper post for it. So now I’d like to draw your attention to Essi’s website, because a talented genius like her can never get too much attention! ♥

 Essi (pictured above) is a Finnish artist – there is no better word for creativity of this level – who makes jewelry, home décor, cards and gifts of all sorts and of many different materials. The selection on her website is huge. There is one common thing in her works, though; they are all very fresh and feminine, have lovely bright colors and are absolutely unique. What I like perhaps most about Essi is that she is willing to make custom works, or alter her earlier creations to fit your personal taste (for example, you can ask for different colors). Just ask her, she is really sweet! Her works are of high quality, and even the prices are not too high at all. And what’s best; many of her designs go perfectly with lolita clothes, or lolita inspired home decoration. Essi has told me that she likes lolitas, and loves seeing her jewelry worn by us lolis. 

Here are the jewelry that I own from Essin maailma:

Now I’d like to show you some things that are currently found on the website, and babble a bit about why they are so awesome. These are my personal favorites!

“The lovely dragonflies” in pink

This piece would look lovely on your terrace or summer cottage. Sweet, soft colors and delicate materials make me think of hot, sunny, lazy summer days. This board is so dreamy.

“Strawberry Pocky” earrings

Perfect for anyone, who likes these delicacies! Have you ever tasted Pocky sticks? They are very yummy. I wanted to show you these because c’mon, this idea is so funny! That’s what I like about Essi’s work, she doesn’t repeat the same old routines, but invents new, quirky ways to make jewelry. 

“Carebear headdress”

It’s too warm for this one already, but Northern winter always comes too soon (and freezing cold!). This is just so adorable, I wish I had the guts to wear this! I bet it will keep your ears nice and warm. Maybe I’ll have to find my courage to purchase and wear this next winter…! We’ll see about that. 

For more lovely things, do visit Essi’s website! Essi has built a whole world around her products. You can wear them, you can decorate your home with them, you can give them as gifts to your loved ones…  

P.S. My English speaking readers: I've asked Essi and she can ship her products abroad also (though the postal fees will then be a little bit higher of course). Her webpage is in Finnish only, so here's a quick quide to ordering: 

You can find the products here.
After you have decided what you wish to order, go here.
Fill your correct e-mail address on the box that says "sähköpostiosoitteesi".
Write your ordering message on the bigger box: tell what you wish to order and in which colour. In the end press "lähetä viesti" key. Essi will contact you via e-mail as soon as she can. 

EDIT: As one of my Finnish speaking readers asked this, I will clear it out now. This post is not sponsored, nor is it a advertise, nor did Essi ask me to write this. This is my actual opinion and recommendation of her products.  I wanted to write this myself in order to bring attention to her webshop and works, as she and they truly deserve it! In the future (as I have done in the past also), if there are any sponsored posts, giveaways or advertisements in my blog, I will tell it. If there's no mention about any of those, then the post/giveaway/advertisement is not sponsored and I get no money for it and it is merely my own review/opinion on the matter. :)

Oh, and by the way; I would never write a positive review or agree to advertise on something that I myself don't like, or if the product doesn't meet my quality standards. I write this blog purely for fun and have this far never made any money with it. I have been asked to advertise certain webshops and products in my blog, but as those didn't fit the theme in my blog (and they were not something I would like to buy myself), I refused the offers.

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  1. Wooow, that stuff looks really cute! I'm gonna check out her website, but I guess I will wait to order till I have moved to Finland, haha :D Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. You're welcome! Yes, if you are coming to Finland anyway it's best to wait and order here - you'll save in postal fees! Though be warned; the postal fees in Finland, even inside this land, are quite expensive.

  2. Omistan ihanan korun tuolta Essin maailmasta :)). Btw oliks tää postaus muuten sponsoroitu?

    1. Ei ollut, eikä myöskään mainos siinä mielessä, etten saa tästä minkäänlaista palkkaa (en rahaa enkä muutakaan). Essi ei pyytänyt minua kirjoittamaan tätä. Tämä on ihan oikeasti mielipiteeni Essistä ja hänen tuotteistaan. Jos blogiini tulee sponsoroituja postauksia/arvontoja tms. niin mainitsen siitä kyllä postauksen yhteydessä. Kaikki muu on ihan vain omaa höpinääni. x) Sen kyllä myönnän, että toivon Essin saavan juttuni kautta lisää asiakkaita - hänen putiikkinsa on ihana ja ansaitsee huomiota!

  3. Omg! I don´t know which one is more cuteee- her or her works!! *0*

  4. Hei!
    Olen jo ennen tätä postaustasi bongannut ylläsi Essin koruja ja sinun ansiostasi löysin kysyiseisen putiikin, ja olenkin tilannut itselleni Essin tekemiä koruja, jotka ovat aivan ihastuttavia :D


    1. Hei! Kiva kuulla, että löysit Essin putiikin tätä kautta ja pääset nauttimaan ihanista luomuksista. :)

  5. Wow, amazing work, I´m so jealous :)))

  6. She is so cute and her work is just as cute! Thank you for posting this! I love all of the dessert pieces she has ♥

    ~ Kieli ~