Just a casual outfit for today. Dress is from Liz Liza, shoes Minna Parikka. 

Please excuse the ugly balcony of ours, but it has the best light for photos - that still end up looking grey because my camera is that bad. But as long as it still lives I shall not get a new one. x)

16 kommenttia:

  1. I msut agree wit Mara. This is super cute.

  2. Gorgeous!

    -Neiti X-

  3. I agree with the others. That outfit is really cute! :D
    Though (and I don't know if it's a fact or just the lighting in that picture) the shoes look like they're a slightly different white from the dress. But I guess outside and in normal light nobody notices such things anyway :D (I'm just a real perfectionist when it comes to such things XD) But it's a really nice outfit tho!

    1. Thank you! You are right, my shoes are pure white, and the dress is more like off-white. I love all shades of white and shamelessly mix them together, not caring how many different whites my outfit ends up having (just like I don't really care if my outfit has several shades of brown or pink etc.). x)

  4. Your look is super cute, I enjoy to see your casual outfits. It changes of lolita!