Always Time For Tea And... Cheese?

Yesterday me, Sanni and Kata met for some tea, sweet treats, cheese and of course good company. 

We ate the mushroom also. Okay, not really, but it does look really cute in lavender! :D

But we did try new teaflowers that I got from my aunt, called "Auringon silta", "The Bridge of Sun". They were beautiful and the tea was very good, a mixture of green and white tea and jasmine flowers. Now my next mission is to hunt a shop selling these and buy some more.

Sanni also made a apple dessert from different kinds of apples picked from their very own garden - it was absolutely delicious with vanilla icecream! And Kata had baked a pie with rucola, basilica and cheddar cheese - needles to say, it was delicious also. The only "problem" with our tea parties... is that there is too much good food. x)

On to the outfit of the day. I was trying to achieve an elegant, yet slightly miss-matching look. Dress is Innocent World, and all else pretty much offbrand.

My stockings have hearts on them. ♥ And The Feet Killing Shoes make a comeback. No matter how painful, I am going to wear these once in a while, they are too pretty to be sold.

In the end, a group picture! It was so nice my boyfriend could take it for us, so often we can't get any group pictures at all because well, someone has to hold the camera. :3

13 kommenttia:

  1. Kiinnostavin asupostaus vähään aikaan.

  2. I love your coord!

    The mix of thighs and pumps are amazing!*-*

  3. If I ever got the chance to meet you I'd do group pictures for you all the time ♥ You're all sooo pretty! I love your outfit, especially the blouse! And I already mentioned before how I love the heart-stockings ^__^

    1. Thank you very much! But if you met with us then of course you'd have to be in the group photos also, right? So the same problem would remain! :D

    2. True... but then again - I'm really new to Lolita and not very experienced... so I would probably look rather off in a photo with you girls XD But it would be nice to meet you anyway some day!

  4. Voi ku on söpöt sukkikset ja ihanat kengät <3
    Tosi kivaisa asu muutenkin! :)


  5. Kuinka kaunis asu! Mismatching näyttää harkitulta ja kokonaisuus on elegantti. :)

  6. You all look beautiful! I especially love your adorable heart tights and the white and black outfit of your friend!

    Your posts are always a delight to read! I love your blog :)

  7. what a beautiful outfit ^^ the tights are really cute!