Shades of White, Red and Gold

Today I could finally fetch my new Innocent World dress from my local post office. The post in Finland is known to be really slow. My dress was in Finland on Thursday already, but of course it took 4 more days for them to get my dress from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to my nearest post office - for the record, it's a 20 minute ride to my home from the airport. So yep, that's the post here. It takes 4 days to drive a 20 minute journey.

Well anyway, here it is now and I love it! The dress is of really beautiful, red wine like colour - a colour I didn't previously have in my closet at all. It's also quite classic - as I've told, I'm trying to add some more classical pieces to my quite sweet garderobe. (Please ignore the brown thing on the upper corner - it's a part of my pear shaped pillow that sneaked in to the picture XD)

The print features my two favorite things: roses and notes. Music is and has always been very important part of my life, so I adore all sorts of music themed prints. ♥

I also purchased a new blouse from Dear Celine. You could call this blouse my "dream blouse", if one can have such thing. It does sound a bit funny to dream of a blouse, and a offbrand one at that, but I've wanted to own this blouse for almost two years now! It's simply the most perfect loli blouse ever. Color is offwhite (love!), and the buttons have little rose images on them (love!) and it has a big bow on the neck (love!).

I was also pleased to discover that the Venice lace on this blouse is as high quality as Venice lace in my brand name dresses. It's very soft and also rose themed.

And finally, I got these lovely flower hair pins from my little sister! Aren't they cute? There's another wedding coming that I'm attending and I'm planning to wear this on my hair for that event.

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  1. Such beautiful purchases! I've always loved that IW dress, especially for the musical print (I used to wear musical lolita only) and I wanted it in black. But now, I think I prefer more the wine version because it looks so elegant and mature! I can't wait to see you wearing all of this!

    1. Thank you! I never can wait to get to wear my new items, so I'm pretty sure my next loli outfit will include both the blouse and the dress! :D And anyway I know already I'll be wearing this blouse way too much, I like it so... XD

  2. Beautiful purchases! The blouse and the hair pins totally match the dress ^^