At The Zoo

Hello, lords and ladies!

Today me and my boyfriend visited Helsinki Zoo, Korkeasaari. This post is going to be extremely picture heavy because omg so many cute animals! So let's start with my outfit, so those who are not so fond of animals can easily skip the rest of the pictures. x)

So, something simple, comfy and quick this time. My curls from yesterday are still alive and kicking! I just brushed them trough.

Outfit details:
Dress, purse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Headbow - Innocent World
Bracelet - a gift from Hanna (handmade by her)
Rest - offbrand and can't really remember.

Okay, this picture doesn't feature any animals, but it's still pretty.

These are the gundis, they were so cute, looked like big chubby hamsters but they were actually very agile - when they moved.

And when they didn't, they went all flat, just like my Odessa when she relaxes. 

And speaking of Odessa... there were some "city bunnys"! This one looks a little bit like Odessa.

Here you can see one relaxed peacock. He was just sleeping and sunbathing and didn't seem to mind my presense at all.

The snow leopard male, he was so beautiful. We had a great luck and were able to catch a glimpse of most of the big cats.

And finally, this little fellow. I don't know what species she is, she doesn't belong to the Zoo, though she seemed incredibly tame. She had laid three eggs just beside a road and didn't seem a tiny bit frightened of us.

6 kommenttia:

  1. Vika lintu on meriharakka! Noi gundit on kyl tosi söpöi, pakko päästä kattomaan niitä joku päivä. :D

    1. Kata, oot aika kingi ku noin vaan tiesit ton. :D En äkkiseltään muista ikinä nähneeni tuollaista lintua aiemmin, nyt niitä oli Korkeasaaressa joka nurkalla. Tosin vain yksi hautomassa munia tien vieressä.

      Gundit oli ihan mahtavia, ihania lullukoita. <3

  2. Thanks for sharing all those adorable pictures! I've never been to a zoo (well, it was with school and I was 3 or 4 so I don't really remember...) and I wish I could!

    Your outfit is super cute, it's nice to see you wearing Music Salon again ^_^

    1. I'm very glad you liked the pictures! I was a little bit worried no one would be interested in them. Well, if you ever visit Helsinki you must go to Korkeasaari! It's a nice place especially during the Summer. ^^

      Thank you! It was nice to wear it again, I really like this dress. :3

  3. I love Zoos so much! I try going to Lisbon's Zoo as much as I can because it's just a perfect place to be at! And I loved the pictures *o*

    And of course, also your look, it's so pretty <3

    1. It's nice to hear you liked them! ^^

      And thank you!