Pastel Bambi Again

Hello, everybunny!

Today I went to have some tea at The Ounce with Hanna, and we decided it was a perfect excuse to get a little bit dolled up.

My hair isn't that nice because my right hand suffered a minor accident - nothing serious but rather painful and very much annoying. I am right handed and now I'm not able to use my hand properly. And that's why my hair sucks, I just couldn't get it right. Also this outfit seriously needs mint colored shoes - oh why don't I own any. They would have completed this outfit.

You can see my makeup from this picture. I had pink, lavender, mint and pale blue flowers in my hair, so I decided to wear both lavender and pink eyeshadows. I really liked this makeup. I've always felt that shades of lilac go very well with my green eyes.

Have I already told you how much I like these bambi antlers? I might have mentioned it...

My bracelets also had pink, lavender and pale blue on them. 

After The Ounce we visited Théhuone also, and I must confess I might have broken my "not going to buy anymore tea before the Barcelona trip" -promise... :D

Outfit details:
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Flowers - H&M
Bambi antlers - Essin maailma
Bracelets - handmade by my friend
Shoes - Minna Parikka

4 kommenttia:

  1. Olet niin ihanan näkönen! >w< Olisimpa minäkin joskus... c:

  2. You still look very adorable <3 I hope your hand gets better soon!

    1. Thank you very much! <3 I'm sure it will get better in a few weeks time. ^^