White Lace and Roses

Evening, lords and ladies!

Today was me and my bf's 3rd anniversary. In order to celebrate that I dressed up in a pretty lace dress and we went to The Ounce for some tea and macarons, our favorite.

Closeup of the hat's decorations. I've decorated it myself last Summer. 

The macaron flavours were champange, orange and lemon - all lovely and Summer-y. Champange was the best in my opinion. :}

I also have to show a closeup of our balcony flowers, because they are so pretty. I couldn't decide wich colour was best, so I chose an ampel with three different colored flowers - pink, white and purple.

We are also growing basil and parsley.

It would seem that sometime pretty soon (at least let us hope so!) my blog will have 400 readers, which is quite awesome. What would be a nice way to celebrate when that goal is reached? A giveaway, a Question & Answer, or something else entirely? Please share your thoughts on the matter.

Also, some other exciting news - we are going to Barcelona at the end of August! I've already decided which one of Barcelonas three teashops I shall visit (if we can find it, that is). I've already almost decided which teas to purchase from there. Not to mention all the wonderfully insane architecture of Gaudí, I can't wait to see it. So yes, I'm very thrilled. We are flying with Norwegian and I'm very attached to that air company, I have such nice memories of working with their crew last Summer. :3

Edit: Oops, forgot the outfit details... again.
Hat - self decorated
Dress -  Lindex
Belt - second hand
Shoes - Minna Parikka

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos! Viihdyin tässä asussa tosi hyvin, siinä on tiettyjä loliestetiikkaan sopivia piirteitä - mutta kukaan ei tuijottanut, kuten loleissa! XD

  2. What a wonderful outfit! I am wearing a lace dress today too. Lace dresses are so feminin and give always an classic lady feeling... i love that!

    My collegue was in Barcelona last week and she was so happy. She said it was probably her favourite city in Europe! I wish you and your bf the best for the holiday!

    1. Thank you! You are absolutely right, lace dresses are so feminine and lady-like. It's always fun to wear them. :3

      I'm glad to hear she liked Barcelona! Thanks! I'm pretty sure we'll have amazing time there. ^^

  3. Your outfit is so pretty, you look super elegant <3

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Super pretty ♥