Lolita Blog Carnival: Book Inspired Coordinations

Hello, lords and ladies!

I decided to join Lolita Blog Carnival in hopes of getting inspiration to post more - and something else than my outfits and purchases, too. I've suffered from a serious case of writers block lately, and have found it difficult to find new interesting topics and things to post about anymore, after so many years of blogging. So, let's hope this works and things here will turn to better from now on!

Without further bablings, on to the topic of the day: book inspired coordinations! I'm very happy that this is my first LBC post, because I have always loved reading and books inspire me endlessly. I chose three books from my (quite long) favourite list and did some coords based on them.

The Lord of the Rings - Arwen

The Lord of the Rings - Arwen

When I started to think about how Arwen would look if she wore lolita, my first thought was that she would be as graceful and delicate as she is in elven wear. Naturally Arwen would choose a grey dress, as that colour suits her complexion so well, and for an elven girl a flower print is a must. She would perhaps coordinate a chiffon blouse with flowing butterfly sleeves to her outfit, and in her head she would wear an ornate headdress with pearls to remind us of her elvish roots.

The Last Unicorn - Lady Amalthea

The Last Unicorn, or as she is called in her unfortunate human form, Lady Amalthea, doesn't really care for clothes. Nor does she have a purse, because unicorns don't need any earthy posessions. While trapped in this human body, which she can feel rotting around her as we speak, she still has to wear something. I believe her choice of dress would be something quite simple and elegant. After all she is so breathtakingly beautiful that she could just let her natural beauty shine instead of wearing complicated gowns. She would perhaps wear a black headband in contrast to her long, silvery white hair, and maybe some matching shoes. The unicorn pendant could be a gift from the desparate prince who loves her, not knowing that she is really a unicorn and can not feel love.

The Harry Potter Series - A Girl from Slytherin

Harry Potter Series - Slytherin

I know Harry Potter themed lolita is nothing new, but as I love the book series, I couldn't help choosing this theme to a one more round. I like to play with the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses - not because they necessarily are my favorites, or not even because I'd be in either one of them - but simply because they have the most dazzling colours!

This outfit is something an ambitious, driven and cunning, but also a very pretty girl from Slytherin could wear for school lessons, or a visit to Hogsmeade, or even to a secret date with that nice boy from Gryffindor. This outfit is simple, but not boring in the least. It includes practical opaque thighs, but also quirky shoes; a smart simple dress, but with beautiful little details; a spaceous bag for all those big books, but also a cute headband.

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4 kommenttia:

  1. i love the slytherin one so much. seems like a lot of people did harry potter themed stuff. but I could really picture a slytherin well-to-do girl wearing something like this.

    1. Thank you! I guessed a lot of people would pick Harry Potters, as the series is so incredibly popular - but I still wanted to give it a go neverthless, because I love the series, too. x) Actually I'm reading the 5th book right now! XD

  2. I really like the Arwen coordinate! It's something that I'd like to wear myself, it's really beautiful!
    And it's really cool that you took The Last Unicorn as one of your inspirations! I love the movie and the character of Lady Amalthea so much! And I think you did a great job in picking an outfit that matches the character. The pendant is especially nice! :)

    1. Thank you! I like The Last Unicorn movie, too, but I love the book to bits. It's even better than the movie, but so the books usually are. :D