Tea Tasting at Chai Wan

Hello, everyone!

Today me and my friend Hanna-Katariina went to a tea tasting at Chai Wan tea room. I had never visited this tea room before, and I love tea tastings. Too bad the so called tea tasting wasn't really a tea tasting - the price included only two types of tea - green and black - and one glass of bubble tea. We couldn't even choose which teas we would like to taste. The waitress who served us also looked very surprised when I asked her what kind of green or black tea can we have - I think that she should have told us the specific information about those teas without me even asking.

But on the other hand, the buffet was very good and had lots of yummy treats. So instead of a tea tasting, we just had a brunch, really. It doesn't matter that much, we still had a great time and the tea room was so beautiful (it is located in the historical Kiseleff's house). All in all, I think I shall still visit this tea room again, even though the tea tasting wasn't what I originally expected it to be.

Well, on to the pictures! First, my outfit. Just something very comfy and casual.

Outfit details
Dress, headbow - Innocent World
Earrings - gift from Hanna-Katariina (she brought them from Manchester)
Blouse - H&M
Purse - same old Accessorize
Shoes - Ellos

And then some food pictures. Bubble tea, I didn't like it that much, but it was nice to try something new. :)

Here you can see a part of the tea room - it is so pretty.

Also - today was a sunny day! It's really rare to have this blue sky in Helsinki in the middle of the November. *-*

10 kommenttia:

  1. Really love your outfit ! <3 Your blouse is particularly beautiful ^^

  2. That's a shame you couldn't taste more teas, but it still sounds a lovely time! A new tea shop has opened in a city near to me and it has the most wonderful variety of teas but no food, so the opposite problem!

    You look absolutely wonderful as usual, what a delightful dress! I'd really like to get some Innocent World in my wardrobe- I seem to keep missing out on sales but I shall persevere.

    Florrie x

    1. Yep, we had a great time and I'm sure I'll visit the place again, and there was a tea vault with many teas, they just weren't on our 'tea tasting' menu turned into a brunch. Also, there are many good tea rooms in Helsinki, but none of them have great variety of foods, so it's good to have one place where you can eat, too. :)

      Thank you! Good luck with your hunt for Innocent World clothes! :D

  3. Although you could'nt taste more teas it sounds great! The place where I'm living now has a tea shop inspired by arabian/moroccan culture, but I wish we had more tea rooms <3
    I love your outfit, that JSK looks really beautiful~

    1. There are actually quite many good tea rooms/shops in Helsinki, even though Helsinki isn't that big city. So no complaints on that!

      Thank you!

  4. Ohh I really love that blouse you wore! I have similar one from Gina Tricot but it's actually to big so I have to close the back of the collar with a safety pin or such ;__; yours looks very nice and suits you perfectly!

    As for the tea room, while the tasting must have been a little disappointing, I think the venue looks really nice and also the food looks yummy! I guess the next time I get to be in Helsinki (whenever that will be, haha) I'll check it out :3

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, besides the tea dissapointment it was all good, food was delicious and the place looked pretty, so all in all I'm happy, even though I didn't get what I expected to get. :P

  5. Your outfit is really cute. A really good choice for a brunch.