Layered Look for Rococo Exhibition

Good evening, everyone!

So, as I promised, I'll now start posting some outfits I've worn during the last month or two, starting with the oldest. This was my look for the Sinebrychoff Art Museum's Rococo exhibition.

 I wanted to create a layered look and wore much more accessories than I usually do. I liked this outfit very much.

Closeups of the accessories. I was happy to notice that all of my Kalevala Jewelry's pieces go really nicely together even though not all of them are from the same series.

{Dress - Juliette & Justine / bolero - Baby, the Stars Shine Britght / jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry / shoes - vintage / roses - H&M}

 A bonus pic; a casual sweet lolita outfit I wore to tea with my friends Hanna and Kara. Sadly this is the only picture of it, so it doesn't quite deserve its own post.

{Dress - Angelic Pretty / Bolero - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright / shoes - Ellos / headbow - second hand}

3 kommenttia:

  1. Such pretty outfits! I especially love the elegance of the first one. Where did you get your cute ankle socks? Did you put the bows on separately?

    1. Thank you very much! Actually the bows and the lace ruffles are both seperate from the socks. The lace ruffle is hand made by someone who was in the Finnish EGL community years ago (can't remember who anymore) so you can't really buy these socks anywhere. :P

  2. I love both of your coords, you look so pretty!