Shiny New Things

Hello, each and everyone!

Lately I've been shopping quite a lot. I've been trying to update my everyday wardrobe towards more office friendly and less student like direction. Besides that, I've also started collecting My Little Ponies again.

1. A dress with a tulip pattern by Ivana Helsinki and seriously shiny necklaces by Kooky Gems. I'm planning to wear the cloud necklace to cheer up the rainy days. The bunny necklace doesn't need to happen for a reason - I love everything with bunnies on it, period. (There will certainly be pictures of the dress worn later!)

2. Lace collar dresses from Dorothy Perkins. These are super comfy to wear, and also cute. I really like the colours.

3. A blouse with lace details, sunglasses for me and my fiancé and a cute umbrella for autumn.

4. A flamingo bag charm. I don't even know why. It's crazy, funny and pink, I guess that's the reason. Right now this actually hangs on my ugly work laptop bag and makes it just a bit more tolerable, so it found its rightful place.

5. Ponies!

6. One more pony!

7. My souvenirs from Paris. I had told my fiancé that I'll buy all the Eiffel tower themed tourist crap there is and only bought these two, so everything went better than expected. No regrets either, I really like these.

8. More souvenirs from Paris. Ladurée Melangé and Marie Antoinette teas by Ladurée. The caddies are so adorable and they taste delicious. ♥

9. This phone case I got from my little sister.

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