The Colours of Autumn

Hello, lords and ladies!

This was my outfit to the J-fashion Fair. I found the inspiration from autumn which had just begun here in Helsinki. Autumn is my favourite season and I'm always very excited about it. I had a bad outfit crisis just before the event. Eventually I came up with this one and was very happy about it. I think this might be my favourite outfit of the ones I've worn recently.

{Dress - Jane Marple / blouse, roses - H&M, Ninja / jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry / bag - second hand}

The event was quite nice. Everything was well organized and there wasn't too much program, so there was plenty of time to chat with friends and shop, which was great.

I purchased this embroidered OP by Innocent World...

... and this gorgeous OP of black velvet and white lace by Fairy Wish. I'll show them to you more properly as soon as I get to wear them! I can't wait for that - I especially adore the Fairy Wish dress. *-*

I also bought shoes fit for Cinderella. They are so sparkly. ♥

And some ponies.

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