About light...

This time I decided to do an entry in English, hope my Finnish readers don't mind it! ♥

I want to talk about light (or the lack of it, as it is in Finland). As you know, the winter in Finland is awfully long and dark. That is the case especially if there's no snow, and there usually isn't. Miracously, the past few weeks have been beautiful and snowy. The spring is also coming, and therefore the amount of light increases all the time.

But as there are still a few winter months left, I'll tell you how I lighten up my winter.

I love the athmosphere that candles and Christmas lights create. (I don't love Christmas lights because of the fact thet they remind me of Christmas, but simply because they are beautiful and I love all the things that are pretty.) And so I keep candles and some Christmas lights in my room trough the darkest season. Though they are not very bright, they still cheer me up.♥

Some pitures from my room:

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