Christmas Party As Sweet As Chocolate

Hello hello, lords and ladies! As promised, here comes a huge picture spam from our Pre-Christmas party that was held at our place last Sunday.

Our theme was chocolate. Here are some of our delicious treats...

... and we dipped everything in melted chocolate! This chocolate melting set is one of my birthday gifts, and I love it. I'm already dreaming of a Summer picnic, where we could dip fresh strawberries in milk chocolate... *-* As you can see from this picture, there were so many quests, that our little kitchen table couldn't fit us all nicely, so we had to arrange a "winter picnic" on our floor. I laid down many blankets and pillows and it was quite comfy after all!

We also drank all of this! But actually it's not what it looks like - no, it is ice tea (or roiibos, to be exact) that I made and bottled for the party. :D

Here's my outfit. My dress looks so short in this picture. :( Anyway I tried to be as Christmas-y as possible and even stole some Christmas decorations from our tiny Christmas tree and pinned those on my hair.

A closer picture of my accessories and hairdo. 

And here are some group shots! It's quite challenging to take group pictures in our relatively compact appartment (I do not call it small, it only becomes small if we invite too many quests. ;D) Anyway my boyfriend was kind enough to take these shots for us.

During our party we also gave each other Christmas gifts, as we won't be seeing each other until next year. I won't show you what I made my to loli friends, because I made similar things to my other friends as well and I don't want to spoil it for those who are nice and open their presents on 24th. ;)

But here is what I got! A light blue sash, made of real silk, for my chemise á la princesse from Mimi, a cute cupcake shaped kitchen timer from Susanna, the most beautiful earrings and matching ring from Tiia, Pinkie Pie that looks like Johanna Tukiainen (you propably don't know who she is, so google her, if you dare, but prepare for a shock XD) from Kata and a lovely self drawn miniature portrait from Sanni. It also says that "with this card, you can get a portrait from Sanni during year 2013" - so it's a gift card! I love how creative everyone was with their presents, and needless to say, I really like each one of them! I can't wait till Summer to wear that sash, and I've already worn the jewellery several times! And of course one can never have too many My Little Ponies. ♥

Okay, that was it. Phew. :D

Edit: Oops, I forgot again! My outfit details:
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Dear Celine
Earrings, ring - gift from Tiia
Star hair pin - Chocomint
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Friis & Company. 

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  1. Lovely photos and lovely girls ^^ Happy Christmas waiting for all of you dears!

  2. Viiminen mustavalkokuva on niiiiin ihana! Nimesin sen juuri äsken mielessäni "Sleeping beauties" ;D

    -Neiti X-

    1. Kiitos kiitos! Minä nimesin sen mielessäni "Soihdut sammuu, kaikki väki nukkuu" -kuvaksi. XD

  3. Näytit jälleen kerran upealle! Hyvää Joulua ja onnellista uuttavuotta! (:

  4. Your outfit is awesome, I love the Xmas feeling of your hairstyle!

  5. A chocolate party sounds brilliant. It should be a worldwide national institution