Makeup Review: The Oriental Gold BB Cream

The BB Cream hype that’s been going on a long time in Asia is now reaching Europe as well. Many major makeup companies have now introduced their own BB Creams in Finland also. I’m very excited about this trend, because I am very lazy with makeup and want my every day makeup routine to be simple, fast and easy to do.

After trying a few of those BB Creams, that are sold in Finland, in the form of free makeup samples, I was only glad I didn’t buy them myself. They were simply horrible. Some were too thick, while others didn’t blend at all, and all of them (despite claiming to be “light”) were way too dark for my skin. (It makes me wonder if many Finnish girls can wear these Creams at all, as most Finns are quite pale.)

So I decided it was time to order a BB cream from Asia, as they have developed BB creams there much longer than the companies selling their products here in Europe. Also, in Europe, BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm” (it’s more a makeup than a skin care product), whereas in Asia it means “Blemish Balm” (meaning it really is supposed to make your skin feel and look healthier, not only cover it up).

Sanni gave me her recommendation on a BB cream called “The Oriental – Gold BB Cream”. It promises to protect your skin from aging, sun and other harmful substances and also to whiten the skin. It also says to have black, white and green tea in it.

When I first saw my new BB cream, I was delighted. The bottle is much prettier than those bottles they sell in Finland. It is lavender colored and has a golden cap. I discovered that the top part of the golden cap has a blush/lip gloss and a tiny mirror. When you remove the whole cap, you get to the actual BB cream. It was a pleasant surprise to find the blush/lip gloss; this means that on a very lazy day I can do my whole make up using only this product, and I have a foundation, blush and lip gloss in one convenient bottle. Lazy days, here I come! :D

When I tried this BB Cream on, I was even more delighted. First it looks quite grey on my skin, but when I start to blend it, it really fits my skin tone almost perfectly. I’ve never had a foundation that is this perfect in color. It also blends in very easily and feels smooth and light, it almost feels like I’m not wearing makeup at all. The coverage is pretty good; I have quite nice skin, but my nose and chin tend to be a little reddish, and it covers at least that and small blemishes pretty well. I would recommend this especially to those, who don’t suffer acne that much. I wear a tiny amount of powder with my BB Cream, and at least with that it stays on very well during the whole day. I don’t know about the whitening part, though; this BB Cream doesn’t make me look any paler, but maybe that’s because I already have quite pale skin (and actually I don’t wish to be any more pale so this is only a good thing). Also this BB Cream even smells nice! I am eager to see whether prolonged use of this BB Cream will really make my skin healthier.

The price of this product is very reasonable. It only cost about 13 euros, and the shipping is free in economy class. So it isn’t any more expensive to order this than to buy an average priced foundation in Finland. The product was also packed very well, it had a proper cardboard box, bubble wrap and of course it’s own box to protect it. It took a little under two weeks to arrive, so it takes a while, but at least for me it was worth waiting for. (If you wish, you can order it here.) 

All in all, I’m thrilled and this BB Cream will definitely be a permanent part of my makeup pouch. Please note, though, that this is the first Asian BB Cream I’ve tried on, and compared to that rubbish they sell as BB Creams here in Finland, any improvement would be huge. But still, this really is the best foundation I’ve ever tried, and I have tried many foundations in my life. And on to the pictures!

First the appearance; the bottle and its box. 

The blush/lip gloss and the tiny mirror.

Here are my everyday makeup/skin care products before I bought the BB Cream:

...and here they are after. A couple of bottles less, as you can see.Of course I still apply face cream every evening but I don't have to do that at morning anymore.

Here is a picture of me with only the BB Cream on. I look very blank without blush and mascara. :D 


And here I am with my makeup fully done. I look much healthier with some color on my face. x)

The review:
BB Cream package appearance: 5/5
Package for shipping: 5/5
Time to arrive: 4/5
Coverage: 5/5
How it stays on: 4/5
Smell: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
How it blends in with my skin tone: 4/5
Price: 5/5
How easy it was to order: 5/5

Note: Just to make it clear, this post is NOT sponsored. :)

8 kommenttia:

  1. gap = rako
    cap = korkki/kansi

  2. ahh, you are so gorgeous with and without makeup on! i love the BB cream I bought too! it's from Skin79 and it's SO different from the caucasian style BB cream. I love the little secret lipgloss and mirror compartment in yours!

    1. Thank you! Though I'm not completely without makeup on the first picture, I'm wearing just the BB Cream on it. :3

      I just noticed my BB Cream bottle also says "skin79" on a little print, so maybe our BBs are the same brand after all! :D

      I also loved to find the blush, it was a nice surprise and the color is just lovely.

  3. Hei kannattaa uudeks puuteriks valita se lorealin bb puuteri!

    1. Hei, kiitos vinkistä! Olen kuitenkin tyytyväinen nykyiseen puuteriini, hinta-laatusuhteeltaan oikein passeli. Ehkä joskus tulevaisuudessa kokeilen, jos kyllästyn nykyiseen. :)