Handmade Christmas Presents

Now that it's finally the 24th of December, I can show you the gifts I made this year.

I made all my friends book marks with a deer theme, each deer resembling the gift receiver. Deers for my dears! :D It took me almost forever to get these all done, but I'm happy I could make it in time.

I even made one for myself, and one for my boyfriend. Originally I wasn't going to make one for him, because well, these deers are quite girly, but he said he'd like to see how his book mark would look so I made one anyway. I think I did quite good job drawing a stag. It's still cute but not so feminine. :3

And finally here are the bracelets I made for my mother and sister, they are made of real freswater pearls and Swarowski crystals. My sister particularly wished for a bracelet with that leopard spotted heart charm after catching a glimpse of it in my craft supplies box.

Very merry Christmas, Yule or what ever you happen to be celebrating to all my lovely readers! ♥

8 kommenttia:

  1. handmade gifts are so heartwarming! i hope all your family and friends will love your cute presents~ have a happy holiday, my dear! xx

  2. Wow, the individual bookmarks are amazing, I love the idea <3 I wish you a merry Christmas too!

  3. Kiitos ihanasta kirjanmerkistä, joka onkin jo käytössä! Tykkäsin myös teestä! Kiitos!

  4. Beautiful handmade gifts! You are quite talented! <3
    Merry Christmas for you too! (although it's already over, but better late than never <3)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! <3

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas, too! :)