Film Camera

When we visited Sanni at Lahti to celebrate her birthday, she also took pictures of me and Mimi with a film camera. Sanni gave me her permission to share these pictures with you! I think they are rather lovely, I love how they look a little bit like those over a hundred years old photos that you sometimes find at the flee markets. :3

I'm wearing Innocent World and the ever so beautiful Mimi is wearing Juliette & Justine and Baby's headdress.

P.S. Yesterday we had a little Pre-Christmas party at my place, I'll post pictures of that during this week! :)

6 kommenttia:

  1. I love vintage photos! This looks great

    1. Thank you very much! :) All credit goes once again to Sanni, she is so talented photographer. ^^

  2. you both look wonderful! it has such a lovely antique-y feel~ lovely!!! <3

  3. Te kaksi olette aina niin kauniita ja täydellisesti pukeutuneita ;__; <3