Brown x Beige

Hello hello, everyone!

Today me and my bf went to The Ounce, because we needed desperately more black tea. It's -12 degrees here so we consume rather a lot of black tea nowadays.

Of course going to The Ounce is always a good excuse to wear lolita, and so I did! We also had some tea there, and run into Tiia, who then joined us to have some more tea together.

Yesterday I wasn't planning to wear this dress at all, but since it was so cold, I quickly came up with this outfit. Next time that I actually plan to wear this, I shall iron it. Today I had no time for that. And this dress, it gets wrinkly if you just look at its way! But besides that, I think this dress might become one of my favorite dresses in the long run... it doesn't seem very versatile, but it is so easy to just throw on (provided that one has ironed it in advance) and it does match with quite many of my shoes.


A proof that my boots (and stockings and the waist ribbon, too) were actually dark brown, not black.

Outfit details
Dress - Victorian Maiden
Earrings - Accessorize (a gift from Tiia)
Roses - H&M
Boots - second hand
The rest - can't remember


Also, I forgot some materia from the previous materialistic post! I also got these calendars and a mouse pad as birthday/Christmas presents. Audrey Hepburn and lots of Mucha merchandise! Me likey.

And darling Susanna gave me Mommy Sweet Celebrations (on the left, that's Daddy SC on the right) as a belated Birthday present! Thank you so much, Susanna! I love love loove it! I'm trying to collect the Sweet Celebrations family and now I only need the two fillies and it is complete, yay!

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  1. Tuo mekko on kyl tosi nätti :D Pitkähihaiset mekot ovat parhautta.

    1. Kiitos! Tämä onkin eka OPni jossa on ihan täyspitkät hihat, kaikissa muissa on lyhyet tai sitten puolipitkät rokokoo-tyyliin. :D