Good evening, lords and ladies!

Yesterday it snowed so today there is LIGHT! At last! Some light! Hoorrayy! And because of the light, I was actually able to snap some pictures of everything that has drifted my way since... well, last year's November.

OP by Victorian Maiden.

 OP by Innocent World. I swapped dresses with Mimi and got this beauty! I'm super happy with our swap and can't wait to wear this.

It has rufflebutt on the back! Rufflesbutts are awesome.

And then some of my Christmas presents. A tube scarf with sequins and a lace blouse. The blouse would look fabolous with jeans, too bad I don't own any. So I wear it with a dress and look rather like an art student (which I'm not).

A mint green purse. I love it.

Some jewellery, some cosmetics.

I especially like this necklace with a pearl, it's so classic.

And besides all those things, I also got way too much chocolate and marmalade candy, and some vanilla scented shower and bath products. My mom always gives me things that smell like vanilla. :P

Then I commissioned my friend to do me a bigger unicorn horn! Because the bigger the better, right?

I also won this beautiful vintage table cloth with hand sewn lace appliques in a blog giveaway. It is so big that it will fit splendidly my mansion's dining room table. Now the only thing I need is the mansion. :D

8 kommenttia:

  1. A pair of high waisted jeans would suit you perfectly with the lace top. How come you have no pairs of jeans/trousers?

    1. Well, I just think that jeans are so uncomfortable! And I just stopped wearing them, and a couple of years ago I gave away my last pair of jeans. But maybe I have to reconsider now... maybe I'll find some jeans that I can bear to wear sometimes. XD

  2. "It is so big that it will fit splendidly my mansion's dining room table. Now the only thing I need is the mansion." Haha this made me giggle :)

    You've gotten some lovely items! I especially love the mint purse <3

    1. Heh, I'm glad it made you laugh, obviously it was supposed to be a humorous remark. :D I'm actually thinking about using that table cloth as a cover for our bed - it is that big! XD

      I love the mint purse also and use it almost daily. :3

    2. Bedcover is a great idea! Also, in case you want to be really decadent, a really skilled seamstress could turn that tablecloth into a magnificent garden party dress (but only the very bestest seamstress, who can do justice to the wonderful quality of the tablecloth!).

    3. I thought about that also. But then Mimi said: "We have to see in which condition the table cloth is. It would be a shame to tear apart a great hand made piece" and I have to agree with her... since the table cloth is almost flawless, I don't know if I can destroy it. :( But you are right, it would make a wonderful summer dress... *-*

    4. As a general rule I'm against cutting up perfectly fine handmade textiles and sewing something mediocre out of them. But if, *IF*, a valuable textile is made into something that actually raises the value (not monetary value, but worth as a fine handmade object), then I think it's permissable. But in a rare case only... and using it as a bedcover allows you to enjoy it every day, instead of a dress for special occasion which would be used only about once a year.

      In any case I'll say again I'm extremely happy my kid picked your name in the raffle, since I know the tablecloth went to a good home.

    5. You've got good points there! Maybe I'll go for the bedcover option. I have quite many summer dresses as it is. And besides bed cover I can also use it as a table cloth occasionally, for fine tea parties etc., if it's not ridicolously big for our kitchen table... but well, maybe someday we'll have a little bit bigger appartment with a little bit bigger table! That is worth waiting for. x)

      Yes, I'm happy about that, too! I never win anything in raffles so this was a nice change to that pattern. Say my thanks to your daughter! :D