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Hello, everyone! 

Here are the Q & A answers, as promised. Almost all of you asked your questions in English, thank you for that - now all readers understand them! I was not lazy for once and translated the questions asked in Finnish. So, here we go!

Your favorite outfit and why?

I assume that you meant which one of my own outfits is my favorite? I can't choose just one, but right now I like the first one in this post, and this, and then this. The first one I like because I found a new, more subdued way of wearing that old Doll House dress from Angelic Pretty, making it look almost classic, even though the dress itself is so cute and sweet. The second and the third ones I like because those two are my favourite dresses. They suit my bodytype perfectly and are so elegant. But of course if you asked this question again in, say, a year's time, there would be completely new favourite outfits, I believe.

Your dream dress?

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Marie Antoinette OP in blue colourway! *-* And I've been dreaming about a dress with bunnies on it for so long now, too. I don't have any particular dream dress regarding the bunnies; I just want the bunnies to look more real, not like those horny beasts with enormous tails and red cheecks that Angelic Pretty keeps producing... I was so excited about Juliette et Justine's new bunny print, the print was just perfect, but I hated the overall design of the JSK, so I couldn't buy it. It made me quite sad.

What was your favorite subject in elementary school?

History, English, biology and mother tongue. I loved to paint and draw when I was younger, but I never liked arts in school.

Some word in Finnish, that you literally hate?

The verb "omata"! And when people use it everywhere, where it doesn't belong! E.g. "Hän omaa hyvät ihmissuhdetaidot," no, no, NO! "Omata" can always be replaced with some other verb, usually just "olla" verb. "Hänellä on hyvät ihmissuhdetaidot." And voilá, that's how it's done correctly.

Your loli-idol, and why?

I don't have any loli idols. Here you can read who inspires me and why, though! ;)

Name at least 3 finnish lolitas, that you admire.

Again, I don't really admire anyone in a "fangirlish" way. But all my (lolita) friends do inspire me a lot with their unique styles! 

Your favorite pastry?

Oh, I'm going to be so un-original, but still, it has to be said; it is the macaron. Especially pistachio flavored! *-*

And your favorite Disney -princess, and why?

 Again, I can't choose just one! So here comes my top three (not in particular order, I love them all):
♥ Belle, the intelligent and pretty bookworm, who was also brave enough not to be afraid of the Beast. 
♥ Jasmine, the exotic woman with a strong will, who refused to be anyone's trophy wife and run away to the adventure outside the palace.
♥ Merida, the wildest and perhaps most independent of all Disney princesses, who at the end of the movie still remained single and fabulous.

 How your lolita hobby started? / When you heard first time about lolitas? :) 

I first became interested in lolita via Japanese music and culture in general. I was quite a fan of Malice Mizer’s for some time, and through their guitarist Mana I discovered lolita fashion. That happened about eight years ago. (Oh, how the time flies.) I’m no longer that interested in Japan anymore, but I still adore lolita. :)

Yay! My question: what's your favourite type of lace and why?

I especially love tulle lace, because it’s so delicate, elegant and soft - at its best it is like a dream! But I also like high quality Venice lace very much.

What are you intending to study later and what direction do you think you want to take as a career?

I already have a degree in tourism, and at the moment I’m studying economy in University of Applied Sciences. I don’t know about my future career yet, but of course I’m hoping that I can get a job with one of my degrees, in travel business or just business in general.

What is your favourite colour?

I have so many! Almost all shades of white, dark blue, baby blue, powder pink, dark red, beige, silver, gold, beige, black...

What is your least favourite substyle in lolita?

OTT-lolita with really tacky, fake looking wigs. When done with one's own hair or even a natural looking wig, I have nothing against it. On the contrary, I like to look it on other people, even though it would not suit me.

How long have you been with your boyfriend?

Circa 3,5 years.

If you have to choose one accessory, what would be your favourite?

High quality designer shoes, preferably Minna Parikka, of course. 

I don't know if this have already been answered sometime, but show us the dress you like the most!

I'm so bad at choosing just one dress, but some of my favorites are these dresses: 1, 2, 3. And would you look at that, not a single one of those is one of my dream dresses... but those are the dresses that I wear a lot, maybe even most of my lolita dresses. My dream dresses are too fancy and too pastel colored for most occasions. :D

Do you watch any TV-programs? Which?

Well, currently I'm watching The X Files, season 6, with my boyfriend.  Of course I also follow Downton Abbey, but the season 3 just ended. I mostly watch historical dramas or documents. 

 What kind of music you listen?

Many kinds! Here are just some of the bands/artists I enjoy listening to: Emilie Autumn, Hannah Fury, Nightwish (only from the time when Tarja Turunen was their singer), The Eccentric Opera, Studio Killers, London After Midnight, Lana del Rey, Lady Gaga, Schwarz Stein... I also like the following soundtracks; The Phantom Of The Opera, Marie Antoinette, The Lord of The Rings, and then I really like Simgretina's MLP - FiM remixes. What I listen to depends on my mood!

Do you attend to lolita meetups?

Not anymore.  I have my own lolita friends already, and seeing them gives me the perfect excuse to wear lolita! It's not that I wouldn't like to get new lolita friends - I mean, why not? - but it's the fact that big lolita meetups make me uneasy. I hate the attention lolita draws, and I've come to notice that the more lolitas, the more attention and long stares. So it's just easier to be with just the few of us.

Show us one brand dress that you detest.

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Baby Room, or whatever it was called, the one that really, literally, looked like a nursery room. Just not my cup of tea. XD 

What do you think about the lolisecrets written about you?

Sorry, I'm not going to answer that. I will not give those poor secret makers the joy of hearing what my thoughts on the matter are. ;)

How do you see the Finnish lolita community nowadays?

Well, maybe it's just me, but I do miss Ye Goode Olde Times. It was more easy going back then, maybe a little bit less judgmental, and less drama, too. Or maybe that's just because back then I didn't have enough (brand) dresses to be of any interest to anyone? :P On the other hand, now we have Hellocon (Helsinki Lolita Convention), which is rather awesome, and also it is far more easier to order lolita clothing from abroad. All in all, I think the Finnish community is fine. I would like to think that there are really just a couple of trouble making drama llamas, and the rest of us are all sweet and lovely. :P

Would you like to try some certain theme lolita?

Why, yes! Historically inspired outfits are always nice. And lately I've been really wanting to do a Lord of The Rings/Elf maiden inspired coordination, because of the newest Hobbit movie, which I've already seen twice, and gosh was Smaug a cutie...! But I would never, never take inspiration from Tauriel. She was not that annoying, but I still hate the fact that they just had to make up a female warrior elf character that was not in the books. Yes, I do think that Arwen, lady Galadriel and Eowyn (yes, yes she is not an Elf but she is still a pretty maiden and a very strong, independent character) are far more inspiring. And while I'm at it, I also like unicorn and fawn themed outfits. If I ever get a bunny printed dress, then of course I am going to make a bunny themed coordination, maybe even with those tacky bunny ears! 

Okay, that was it. Thank you for everyone who asked some questions, and I hope someone can to read through all this! There were so many questions and my answers are long, I know. :D

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  1. An elf-themed lolita outfit would be lovely to see, I myself have been toying with the idea for years but never really tried it. But I have to add that I appreciated the inclusion of an original female character in the movies, which didn't have any other female characters, except for the tiny amount of Galadriel in the 1st movie, it's not puristic to the books but it's a good thing to shake up the purely male dominated world Tolkien created because kids and even older audiences need to see more ladies kicking ass on screen (and on page), which is why I never complained about the changes in Arwen's role in the LOTR trilogy. :)

    1. You have a good point there! But I still stick to my earlier opinion. The movies are far too different from the book as it is, and the completely new character just makes it even more so. :(

      It's true Tolkien's universe is quite male dominated, but then again at least Eowyn was a brave warrior on her own account, even in the books. Somehow the male centric LotR and Hobbit universe doesn't bother me, because they just are that way and I'm used to them always being that way since I was a kid. (I first read LotR when I was maybe 12 years old).

      I tend to think that if I want to read about strong females, I just pick up a book that has them in it. :P

    2. Fair enough, I only hope there were more books and movies with well-written female characters in them so I appreciate The Hobbit for trying to move in that direction.

  2. Thank you for answering my silly question! And I agree, making up random characters and scenes not from the book didn't make me enjoy The Hobbit as much as I would like to