Starshine Fades in The Sunlight

Hi, everyone!

I drew this birthday card for my friend yesterday. She loves and collects MLP passionately, so MLP it is in the card also.

Because of reasons (= my limited selection of colours and the mysterious dissapearance of my best black pen) my version of Starshine looks like her colours faded in the sun. I'm really rusty with drawing cesause I do it way too seldom, so the pony is not that good, but I really like how the colours turned out.

Here's the real Starshine in comparison, her colours are brighter. (My real Starshine has faded in the sun, too, so her colours should be even brighter than this, actually.)

P.S. I'm trying to tag all my paintings and drawings with a tag "art". This does not mean that I consider myself to be an artist, or that I think my scribblings are even that good. I just use "art" in the want of a better word, so that my readers can easily find all my drawings here, should they wish to. :P

4 kommenttia:

  1. oooh, it turned out lovely! I wish I could draw like this... I also like how the colours are more pastel, gives it a softer look (^.^)

  2. Nätti!
    Oikeastaan ruskea ääriviiva näyttää hyvältä! Äkkiseltään sanoen jopa parempi vaihtoehto kuin jyrkkä musta! :)

    1. Kiitos! Olen ihan samaa mieltä. Sattumien kautta kuvasta tulikin vaan tosi kiva värityksen suhteen. :D