Creme de la Garderobe 2014

Hello, everyone!

Last weekend Creme de la Garderobe was held in Lahti. I helped organise some program for it. I had so much fun during the event! Here comes pictures galore.

I organised a little fashion shoe called "Jardin de la rocaille", which took inspiration from Rococo and Petit Trianon.

And here's pictures of all the models, in order of appearance:







After the fashion show I changed my outfit because it was too hot to wear the Marie Antoinette OP all day long.

I also organised this program called "the Frilly Cup" where visitors were able to leave compliments to each other in a big jar, and at the end of the event we read all of them aloud. I believe all visitors had at least one compliment, most of them several, which was awesome.

There was also a little cafe held by Tiia.

And the waist ties tying competition, where I had the honour of being one of the judges. This was fun! XD

And here's all our lovely visitors. 

I did purchase one thing at Creme, but I'll post about that later. :3

6 kommenttia:

  1. Your event seems wonderful. Everyone is so well dressed in such beautiful place, it looks like a dream!

  2. How wonderful! You all look so elegant and beautiful

  3. Wow, astonishing pictures. Very well taken and the outfits are really neat and beautiful!

    1. Thank you! All the pictures (ecxept the closeup of the cupcakes) are taken by Sanni. :) Everyone was pretty, indeed!