Latte Blue

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Today I met Sanni for some tea at The Ounce. The weather forecast said it might rain, so I wore my latte coloured shoes - they are fake leather and can take any weather. It didn't rain, after all, but I still liked my outfit. Also these shoes are very versatile, as is that purse. They seem to match almost anything! Right now I'm tempted to coordinate these accessories with some light blue also, inspired by Tiia's lovely outfit in Hellocon. Maybe I will...!

Tried a new hairstyle also, inspired by Reneissance. I like the idea, but this one still needs some working on. Next time I'll tie more of my hair to braids and hopefully it will keep the hairdo together more securely. This one looks a little bit messy (naturally curly fluffy hair, I love you).

{Dress - Juliette et Justine / Roses - H&M / Blouse - Ellos / Shoes - some shop in London / purse - Accessorize}

This time I tried a green tea flavoured with mint called Mojito. It was lovely and fresh.

What else? Well, our Odessa has been trying to befriend dogs.

I'm now taking care of my sisters dog Hilma for a couple of weeks, and Odessa just won't leave her alone, she is so curious about Hilma! Hilma doesn't know what to think of this strange bunny that isn't running away from her, but rather towards, but takes it all in a very relaxed manner. Hilma is always so relaxed. x)

6 kommenttia:

  1. You look just lovely! I like that hair very much also.
    Almost started crying when you mentioned my outfit, thank you dear. T^T

  2. Hilma is the most gorgeous dog!

    1. Thank you! She is really cute and has the most wonderful personality, she loves everyone and is a total lapdog. ♥

  3. Oh, I love that dress so much <3