Teabook #2

Hello, lords and ladies!

My first Teabook lasted about four months and then I ran out of pages. It's time to take Teabook number two into use! I got this notebook from my Mother years ago. It's handmade, though I don't know by whom (Mom found it from a some kind of fair). I always thought the notebook was so beautiful that I didn't know what to use it for, but now it has a special purpose enough. :D

I can also tie my previous Teabook together with the new one, should I happen to need them both with me when going to The Ounce or visiting friends for tea. Now that's handy!

2 kommenttia:

  1. What is the teabook for? Noting down different types of tea?

    1. Yes. I write down the info about the tea (name, shop/seller, ingredients, origin) and how the tea is like (smell, colour, taste) and if I like it or not. When I get to the end of a Teabook, I make a list of the teas in alphabetical order. Later I can easily check if I have already tasted a certain tea and did I like it or not. :3