It Was Supposed to Rain

... so of course it didn't. I wore my weather proof shoes and took my umbrella and it was sunny all day long. I could have worn some other shoes for a change. Some that wouldn't kill my feet, maybe. Pfft.

Anyway, I visited Tiia yesterday and wore this.

{Dress - Innocent World / flowers, blouse - H&M / shoes - from London / purse, earrings, ring - Accessorize / trench coat - second hand}

And we have a tea duck now. We still want another one in the yellow colourway, so me and bf can both have tea with ducks in it. :3

The other day I lost the other half of my favourite silver earrings at work (or so I thought). I was quite crestfallen since I'd had a rough day anyway, so wonderful bf surprised me with Kalevala's earrings in silver. Later the lost earring was discovered in our washing machine (???) and thus I have now two lovely pairs of earrings. :D

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