Maid of Honour

2th August was the wedding of my friend Hanna-Katariina and her husband T. I was the maid of honour, and the bride wished that we maid of honours would wear the theme colours of the wedding. Those were white, teal and brown. You can see which colours I chose.

I had quite a crisis about what I would wear in the wedding. I have decided long ago that I will not buy a dress to wear at a certain party only - the next new dress I'll buy to any party will be the one I wear at my own wedding (and even then I'll try and find one that I'll later be able to wear elsewhere). If it wasn't so darn hot and humid, I would have worn some simple lolita dress. In the end, my little sister saved me and gave this dress to me. She had never worn it, it still had tags on. First I thought that this dress is not something I would purchase myself, but after a while I started to like it and with simpler accessories I can wear it as an ordinary Summer dress, and with festive ones it can be a party dress. Versatile!

For the church I wore the lace cape to cover my shoulders (and cleavage).

The hatuke - I love that word, in English it would be something like "hatlet", it's not a real word but made up by my darling friend Sari who also owns this hat - and the hairdo. My bf said that "your hair looks like a flower", that's so sweet. x)

Outfit rundown:
Dress - a gift from my lil sis
Purse, hat - borrowed from my friends
Jewelry - Kalevala jewelry, gift from bf
Shoes - Minna Parikka

The wedding card I made.

My maid of honour's gift from the bride: a lovely box, a candle, Liisa Ihmemaassa green tea and a diamond shaped soap bubble bottle (all of these are memories from the wedding), and a handmade "thank you" card, and - this might be the best part - a gift card to a beauty treatment of my own choice!

The morning after the wedding, my bf pampered me by bringing me breakfast in the bed. After that, I had 9 hours work shift, so this was a very welcomed surprise! ♥

The wedding itself was very lovely, and at least in my opinion everything went perfectly. I'm sure Hanna-Katariina will show some pictures of the wedding in her blog later, and actually I didn't even have my camera with me at the wedding, so this post ends here.

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  1. We call it a fascinator but hatlet is a cute word

    1. Yes, I know. We don't have that kind of word in Finnish, so my friend made up the word hatuke. Hattu means hat, hatuke would be something like hatlet. I was just trying to translate hatuke, I love that made up word, it's so cute. Finnish language is funny because even made up words can work and sound real. :D