My Style Essentials: Spring/Summer

Inspired by this great post Mimi made a while back, I too decided to introduce you to some key points of my lolita style. My everyday style is a whole different story, so let’s not go to that – at least, not yet. And since even my lolita style varies a lot with the passing seasons, I decided to make two posts.

For Spring and Summer, I usually wish to wear soft pastels with white. During this time of year my style alters between sweet and sweet-classic. Around the year, I always love flower, especially rose motifs, and for Spring/Summer I have very lovely flower prints in soft candy colours. My brand choices for the season are Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World and Angelic Pretty. For my hair I like to wear either a lot of roses, or just a simple side headbow.

These seasons are of course the time to wear all of my lovely pumps. I simply love shoes, and have quite a collection of them. When it comes to shoes, I prefer a little bit of heel over flats because I find them prettier and also because my feet really get hurt in ballerinas. The last time I wore completely flat ballerinas, my feet and legs ached for a week (this actually happened, I’m not exaggerating). Quality is really important to me, especially in shoes. I try to purchase authentic leather shoes only, because they are more beautiful, more comfortable and last longer. My favourite shoe designer is naturally Minna Parikka.

During Spring/Summer I also like to wear delicate lace stockings in nude and different shades of white. When it gets really hot, I’ll wear just ankle socks with some lace ruffles on them. As for the purse, I use Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s bag a lot. It matches with most of my sweeter outfits and is big enough to fit almost anything – most importantly a fan, a bottle of water and a travel size bottle of sun lotion.

So, that's what I like to wear during this passing season. What about you, my lords and ladies? Do you have something that is very essential to your style, no matter what the season? Or does your style vary with the seasons, like mine does? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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  1. I wear the same things all year round. High waisted jeans, trousers and skirts, usually knee length, either slim fit or full skirt. Cute dresses in all colours and patterns which I wear with waistcoats, jumpsuits and playsuits with tights. I have a few repro vintage items as well

    1. But do you atleast alter the colours you wear according to the seasons, or do you prefer the same colour palette, no matter what the season? Your style does sound very cute! :)

      For me, the seasons inspire me to wear different colours. Also, in Finland the temperature in Summer can be +30 Celcius degrees and in the Winter, -25, so it would be quite impossible to wear the same clothes all year around, in the Summer I'd boil and in the Winter I'd freeze. x)

    2. I layer up summer stuff with winter stuff a lot. I'm not well equipped for summer really, I only have a handful of things to wear because it doesn't tend to last long in England. I wear the same colours all year round. I love daisy print. My favourites are particular shades; red (dark and bright), yellow (light, dark and bright), turquoise blue, purple (dark and light) and green (emerald and mint). I tend to go towards jewel colours, I don't bother with colour palettes for a season. For example, pastel yellow is actually a great colour to wear in winter, I find. I also prefer flat ankle boots or sturdy platforms if I want some height. I love 40s and 50s vintage styles and I like to mix it up with a 50's style big dress with modern platforms. And I love red lipstick, bright and dark. I wear that much of the time. I call my style vintage inspired with a touch of kawaii and while I do like seeing Lolita outfits, it's too fussy for me for me to wear. I document every outfit on lookbook rather than my blog

    3. I also adore vintage inspired styles, though I don't really wear them myself. But sometimes I take inspiration to my lolita or lolita inspired outfits from the past decades and centuries. History is an endless source of inspiration! ^^