When It's Too Hot

... to even wear some makeup, at least a girl can wear nice shoes!

{Dress - Lindex / sun glasses, shoes - gifts / fan - borrowed from Sanni}

By the way, my hair was a little bit wet, not dirty. :D

Now, seriously speaking, it is way too hot in here for my liking. +28 degrees, and the weather forecast is promising even worse! It's too hot to wear makeup, anywhere other than work at least, and it's too darn hot to even think about wearing lolita. It's too hot to get some sleep, or eat that much... This is frustrating. Some people say that we should not complain about the hot weather, because in a few months it will be freezing cold, snow and darkness, but my firm believe is that these people are on holidays and don't have to work! I could live with this weather if all I had to do all day long was lie on a beach under a parasol or at home in front of a fan. Pfft!

6 kommenttia:

  1. Very elegant. I can't wear shoes like that, my poor feet would be ruined after a step. What do you work as?

    1. Thank you! I work as a passenger service agent.

    2. Oh how glamorous. What;s your uniform like?

    3. There's not much glamour in it, it's busy and hard work, though I do like it of course. :D My uniform consists of a dark blue skirt and a vest, a white shirt, black shoes and a dark blue scarf around the neck.

    4. I don't really think about it. It's actually pretty handy to have a uniform, at least I never have to worry, what I'm going to wear at work. I already know it's the uniform. Saves lots of time! :D