Candies and Tea

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Today me and fiancé went out for a date. It's been ages since we last time did that, so it was about time! We had a lovely time. ♥

I wasn't very happy with my outfit, though. I have been so busy and stressed out lately, that I wanted to wear something casual, so as to not draw too much attention. I never like the attention I get in lolita clothes, and even less so when I'm stressed out, tired etc. Maybe it's because of that stress I didn't like this outfit; maybe that's what's taking the fun out of dressing up. Even though I am super busy, I'm also really grateful for my job, which so far seems really great. And in the Summer I can only concentrate on work! Can't wait for that.

So, first we went to Sweetheart candy shop. It has such a cute, pastel coloured decor! The selection of candies is small, but selected and high quality. I really recommend you visit it, if you come to Helsinki (or live here and haven't been there yet)!

After that we had green teas at The Ounce tearoom. 

In the end we did some light shopping. The tea caddies are from The Ounce, and the pretty pocket mirror is from Bijou Brigitte. The tapes with the lace pattern are for sealing my letters with - much cuter than using ordinary tape. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and now finally got lucky in Tiger.

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  1. I like your dress! It is cute and I like that there are not too many figures and prints on it. I never like OTT that much ;)