Shoe Candy

My new Minna Parikka shoes are like candy. The colour is so lovely, and of course I can't resist anything with a bunny theme. I can't wait to coordinate them with... well, everything I own. *-*

4 kommenttia:

  1. They are so cute!
    Do the bunny ears disturb you while wearing?
    They look so flat in the picture ^^

    1. Thank you! Not at all, they are real leather so they are quite soft. When worn, they pop up against the ankles. :} Like so: http://minnaparikka.com/product/angora-soft-mint/

  2. Ohmygosh these are amazing! It's like one of these things you can wear to work and be secretly adorable as most people probably won't notice that they're bunnies. I'm going to follow your blog!

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