Lolita Blog Carnival: What I Would Like to See in Future Prints

Hello, lords and ladies!

Although I'm not particularly craving for prints right now, I still thought I'd take part in today's Lolita Blog Carnival topic. Here's what I'd like to see in future prints - heck, if someone really made these happen, I'd certainly wear them, too!

1. Boeing 737 majestically taking over  atop of a buzzling metropolis, also shown in silhouette, or atleast effortlessly gliding through the fiery sunset skies. Travelling continues to be one of my greatest passions and I have always loved airplanes. In my past I've worked mostly with Boeing 737s and it's still my favourite model. In a print, this would naturally be a one time, large image on the hem, and the upper part of the dress would be either black or dark blue, depending on the print colours. Maybe someone could even release both "ink black" and "midnight blue" colourways? Pretty please?!

2. Unicorns. In all of my ears in lolita, I have not yet seen a brand release dress that captures unicorns just right. Historical unicorns are lovely, too, but I can't really take the pastel, cutese wutesy, stuffed toy like unicorns. That's just not what unicorns are for me. Ever since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with unicorns and in my mind they continue to be pure, wild, fierce, mystical and powerful creatures. Not something you would pet. In short, I'd like to see unicorn prints that really capture them right and do them justice.

2. Bunnies. Same as with unicorns, I'd like to see more natural looking bunny prints. I have no objections to bunny prints being cutesy wutesy, though, because that's what they really are. A bunny print where the bunnies hop in a forest or on a flower meadow would be just wonderful.

3. Books, but this time in pastel, or at least faded colours. We've seen some amazing book dresses from brands, but they all tend to be quite dark and heavy. I would like to see something more fresh and light this time. The books could still be old fashioned, of course, just change the colour schemes.

4. Why of course, tea, tea cups, tea pots, tea parties, pastries - yes please! Tea is one of my dearest hobbies (amongst travelling, bunnies and books) and I never tire of tea releated prints, no matter how often they are seen. As with book prints, I'd like to see something a little bit more mature, rather than cute. Faded pastels, antique cups, maybe some Rococo influences...

5. Flowers, as they also are one of my all time favourite themes in lolita (and in everything else too). But instead of the usual roses (though I adore them, too) I'd like to see delicate, small wild flowers. A meadow, or maybe flowers taking over some ancient ruins... Something really summer-y and fairytale like. The print could be really realistic, or really dreamy and look like it was painted with watercolours.

6. Conclusion: I'd like to see prints that are either really striking in colour, or really soft and faded. I'd like to see old lolita themes re-invented in a way that we haven't seen them yet. I'd also like to see more border, or at least on the hem only prints, the kind of prints that don't look too busy, nor too boring either. The perfect balance (yes, I can be quite demanding sometimes)!

What would you, dears, like to see in future prints, be it in lolita or any other fashion you may like? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

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12 kommenttia:

  1. I love your ideas! Teacup print would be epic!

    1. Thank you! I loved your ideas too (and was too lazy to comment anything, as I read your post from my cell).

  2. Some really interesting ideas here, especially the airplane one - what a fresh concept, and even more lovely because it's personal to you!

    I'd also really love to see prints with a Rococo/Georgian theme, such as delicate Marie Antoinette-esque tea sets, or even Antoinette's favourite places in Versailles, Georgian ladies in waiting at the courts, and those gorgeous shoes that feature in the Marie Antoinette film! Also, wild flowers sound like a lovely idea, like those lupines you once posted here.
    And I know they've been done to death, but I'd love to see even more vampire prints, especially if they draw inspiration from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - I just love Lestat and Claudia!

    As for the realistic bunny print you mention, I remember Innocent World collaborating with an artist to create a print with bunnies in a meadow. http://lolibrary.org/apparel/tsuchida-yutaka-rabbit-and-squirrel-jsk

    1. Thank you! ^^

      All your ideas are wonderful! Anne Rice inspired print would be simply epic - I love Claudia, too! Her style in the film was so inspiring. *-*

      Yes, I vaguely remember seeing that print. It's quite lovely, but something about the placement and colours is off. Also, I'd like to see even more realistic bunnies, made in greater detail. Of course this might also be just the crappy IW pictures, and the bunnies might be more detailed IRL. :D

  3. I'm not a fan of too cutesy prints, I'd rather see fairly plain dresses in bright colours (turquoise, light yellow etc) ,more so than the prints but the teacups sound nice or of course I'd like to see a daisy or sunflower print as a trim perhaps on a dress

    1. I agree with you. Right now prints don't inspire me that much at all, and I'd rather see dresses with other interesting details. Lace, ruffles, bows, different lush materials, interesting cuts... *-*

  4. Also, for something more elaborate, I've just thought of masquerade mask print and things like Harlequin and Pierrot and Columbine and all of those characters. It would be nice to have that sort of thing on a dress

  5. What do you like about the "Wonder Story" print by AP? http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/jsk/item/443/ It actually has many of these things you mention :D books in pastel colors, bunnies, teacups and pastries!

    1. Yes, but the problem here is, it has too many of these things I mentioned. :D It would be instantly better if they had just left those random, "floating" objects away. This is the problem with many prints nowadays in my opinion; too much things going on.

      Also, I never liked AP bunnies - they are not realistic enough, not even nearly. All the bunnies I have known have great personalities, and APs bunnies don't have that at all. I feel that if a print is realistic enough, it could portray a little bit of that great sense of self that bunnies have.

      Juliette & Justine's bunny print came quite close to being perfect, but once again, the placement was all over the place, like no one even designed it. It really made me sad, I wanted that print so badly. :')

      P.S. Now that I looked that Wonder Story print more closely, there's one more thing I have to say; it's _absurd_ that the bunnies are not eating the food! I mean, really! If my Odessa was that close to food, she'd already knocked the tea cups over, eaten the macarons and started to gnaw on the books. XD

  6. I have wonderful airplain dress my mom made me of a old pajama. Sadly it's not lolita dress but would fit otome style.

    Air balloons themed print would be lovely, too!