The Eternal City (Part 1)

Good evening, lords and ladies!

I finally went trough the Rome pictures, so here's some moments from our Roman holiday (yes, I just had to say that).

On our first day in Rome, it rained and thundered, but that was totally okay because we spent that time sleeping in our hotel room. I'm always exhausted on arrival if we take an early morning flight, as we now did, and it was really nice to sleep while listening to the rain outside. After our nap it was still a little bit rainy, but not nearly as much, so we went to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria Machiore.

This Cathedral was really big, bold and beautiful, and yet it was nothing compared to the Basilica of St. Peter's, as we would later discover. (Pictures of St. Peter's are coming up in the next post!)

In the evening the sky was beginning to clear up and we got to see a lovely, pink sunset. For the rest of our trip, it was sunny and hot.

The next day we went to Colosseum and the Palatino Hill. Colosseum lived up to it's name, it was even larger than I had imagined it to be.

I always look like a disaster on our holidays, no matter how I try! I would really like to know how do some people manage to look pretty on their vacations...

Standing on a marple floor that's hundreds of years old. Each shade of marple had to be imported from the different corners of the world, so the owners of this house must have been very wealthy!

We visited so many incredible places in Rome, and that was great. But the best moments of our holiday were not those we spent admiring the sights. What I really liked most was when we just wondered up and down the narrow streets. It was really hard to get any decent pictures of them, as the light and shadows were just too strong. I just loved them anyway. The sights were always super crowded (of course), but on the little streets there were no other travellers, just us and some locals.

There was so much to see! In every corner there were little but pompous churches,  colourful houses, flower wines climbing the walls, lovely boutiques and restaurants... and most importantly, it was so peaceful and relaxing (though naturally our feet were killing us each day). One day, we walked all the way from the Vatican to our hotel. It took half a day, but it was wonderful and totally worth the foot pains.

And the food and gelatos there, of my Goddes, they were so delicious! We only ate in places where the locals ate, too, and so all the food was really good, and quite affordable also. We love food (we really do), and it's important for us that we eat well on our holidays. Now we most certainly did! (Actually the only place so far where the food was not good was London, and that's why we didn't like it that much).

P.S. Now that we are on the subject of travelling; I had a panel about travelling and packing tips for lolita in Hellocon and I was wondering should I also post those tips here?

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